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  • dcaf7 dcaf7 Aug 10, 2013 11:35 AM Flag

    AEZS-130 NDA will be submitted by the end of this summer

    Good to know after reading CC transcript. Also was surprised that they are in search for on-the-market product that company could promote.

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    • KERX already has a PDUFA date and simple test AEZS-130 cant even get a NDA off the ground.

    • All we can do is pray and pray. God will guide us through.

    • They are not searching for a product to promote. They are searching for a revenue producing product to acquire that will immediately add to the bottom line. Lets see, so they are out shopping in a market with the likes of Pfizer, Glaxo, Sanofi, and Merck who are all flush with billions in cash, are profitable, and who are all searching for acquisitions and yet AEZS is somehow going to find an under the radar profit producing product, something they themselves are unable to produce after years and hundreds of millions spent, and then just buy it using what exactly? They have 30 million in cash, and only after recently obliterating their shareholder’s value once again, and a 3 million a month burn rate. So what are they going to use to acquire a product that comes prepackaged to just start adding value? See, this is what drives me crazy about this company. That is an absolutely absurd statement to make and yet there are people who are excited at the prospect.

      Some of you better hope the company doesn’t decide to soon start selling you shares in the Brooklyn Bridge because I could see where many of you would be standing in line to buy all you could. The things this company says are all designed to entice you into buying shares of dilution. With the money received squandered away producing nothing but richer executives. There will be no acquisition. Not even close. They don’t have enough money to even dream about the possibility, or even to fund operations for a year, so why say it? Misleading is a good word for it, as they are about every thing they say and do.

      So they are guiding for the NDA submission by the Summer’s end. Did they clarify which Summer? Is that more accurate than their last guidance? Or the guidance before that? Or before that? Before that? Going back to almost 3 years??? It’s already too late and yet it’s still not filed. Once filed you are looking at a year or more if everything goes perfect before AZ-130 ever hits the market. And that will be after an expensive sales force is hired and trained. Where will all of the money for this come from? Certainly not from the company executives who are all paid obscene salaries but never invest any of it in the company. Things are so bright in Mr. Dodd’s eyes that he won’t risk a single penny of his own money. Sounds like a good investment investment coming from Dodd’s mouth, doesn’t it? So why isn’t he buying? Actually shares in the Brooklyn Bridge would probably be a safer investment. What this company says and what this company does are two completely different things. All they want is investor’s money. And they will say anything to get it. And they will do nothing once they have it. It has been the same since this company first went public. They are just another Canadian biotech shell that offers nothing but losses for its investors. Déjà vu all over again ........... or in Canadian ......... ehhh hosiers?

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