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  • dcaf7 dcaf7 Aug 19, 2013 10:43 AM Flag

    Cachexia drug from GTx failed


    GTx, Inc. (GTXI) today announced results of its two Phase 3 enobosarm clinical trials, the POWER trials, in patients with non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) receiving chemotherapy. The Company announced that the clinical trials failed to meet the overall criteria for the co-primary responder endpoints of lean body mass and physical function as agreed upon with the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA);

    Now the study of AEZS-130 in cachexia could bring more attention.

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    • if gtxi market cap fell 171 million for its failure of its cachexia treatment what is the value of aezs-130

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      • “what is the value of aezs-130”

        At the moment “zero”. They have not even filed an NDA for AZ-130, for what is now going on over 2 years since reporting Phase III data for a simple GHD test!!! The Phase II clinical trials for cancer-induced cachexia has still not even achieved half of their own projected enrollment. At the current rate of one patient every 3 months they are years from releasing data to even see if they can progress to a Phase III trial. And that is “if” all goes well, which it never does for this company or its investors. How many years and how much dilution before reporting Phase III results? Then if all goes perfectly, unlike GTXI who pulled a typical AEZS outcome today, how many more years just to file an NDA keeping in mind that their current NDA for 130 is simple by comparison and is still taking years and is still not yet filed, let alone approved.

        So to answer your question ................ “what is the value of aezs-130”? ..................... ABSOLUTLY ZERO until it proves otherwise. Actually to date it has proven to be worth far less than zero because it has cost shareholders of this company countless millions and will continue costing shareholders millions until it is actually on the market. And if everything goes perfect, which again it never does for this company, you are looking at a minimum of at least one or two more years before this company sells just one test. And you are already counting the potential value of an indication years away with nothing but dilution and the misplaced faith of investors to get there? What happened to GTXI today can more easily be the outcome here. Take a moment and revisit this company’s history.

        By the way, are we still keeping score as you suggested we do back around $2 a share a few weeks ago? Because I remember you certainly liked to tute your horn every time this stock went up a few pennies while always adjusting your starting point lower. Or were you just kidding yet again when you argued that $2 a share was another great entry point? It’s getting hard to keep track of all of your new “great entry points” along the way to $1.37 a share. If I were you I would stay quiet for fear of jinxing yet another “great entry point” of a stock that once traded for over $70 a share!!! (split adjusted) Seems to me that Dennis the menace Turpin just loves to create new and ever lower “great entry points” for anyone willing to buy his endless dilution solution supported by the company’s never achieved misleading hype. But as we all have come to know with absolute certainty, it’s all just the way this company likes to fly.

      • If it works, the value is enormous. AEZS-130 phase 2 trial should be completed in August 2013 according to ClinicaltrialsDOTgov. If it brings positive data, AEZS should immediately partner the drug to conduct phase 3 trial(s).

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