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  • kei.trader kei.trader Dec 6, 2013 10:14 PM Flag view about grasshoppers (day-traders)

    ~ day-traders are getting out of AEZS since the pps is not goig up.
    day-traders do NOT make money and day-traders actually lose money doing so everyday in bio land.
    i make my target on certain stocks that has big chance and wait patiently.

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    • The “pumpers” of this stock are just too funny. “Day traders” losing money? How about every long term holder of this stock since it first started trading? How have they done? I can say with the utmost confidence that “day traders” have lost far less than those holding this stock long term. Take a look at any chart going back to whatever period in time you like for an idea of what holding on to this stock long term has meant for its investor.

      Why isn’t there ever one fraction of an ounce of substance in any pumping post on this message board? Why is it always meaningless one line pumps suggesting that this stock is ready to go up for once in its entire existence? Without a single explanation as to why. WHY??? Why will this stock go up when all they have left is dilution of shareholder value as any kind of driving force? They have nothing to offer anyone but loss on investment. Their pipeline has already proven itself to be flawed. The management has proven themselves to be flawed. And pumpers on this message board have proven themselves to be flawed. So where lies the catalyst to change all of that? The management just sold shares far below their previous all-time low and won’t touch their own stock even with the outrageous money they are paying themselves that comes directly from shareholder’s value. So rather than call everyone but the mindless “pumpers” on this message board, ignorant. Spend a few minutes to explain how “pumpers”, such as yourself, finally have an edge of any kind here. Educate us as to why this company is finally on a different track. And explain why the company keeps diluting at ever lower lows while insiders avoid their own stock. Explain any of that if you can. Otherwise you might be taken for another in a long series of deceivers out to suck others into the quicksand trap they inadvertently were lured into themselves. To date you have provided nothing more than highly speculative boastful claims with nothing more than insults to back them up. Hardly enough substance to attract long term investment in this dilution trap of a company.

      They have nothing going for them! They spend far too much money and return less than nothing in results. And they pay their executives as though this company is Johnson & Johnson. Why would anyone do anything other than day trade in the aftermath of Turpin’s latest in a long line of sodomizing events of all long term investors? Turpin will only be turning back on the ATM machine while working out his next horrific financing deal. The next offering will happen before the company even has the chance to disappoint their shareholders with their next failure. Wait and see how painfully slow the recruitment process is going, which no one will even know about until next Spring when they are required to do their “lack of earnings” report. This company has nothing of substance or value. They just did another highly dilutive offering for a big gap down to fresh new all-time lows and did not have one single piece of news to support the damage. No enrollment updates. No news of Ergomed kicking in any of their promised money. No positive updates of any kind. Oh except that the clinical trial of AZ-130 for CC has been delayed. AGAIN!!! No cost cutting measures. Oh except that they just hired a new high priced executive. Nothing! Nothing at all. Just another bitter pill for shareholders to swallow whose bellies are full of bitter pills. How long should a company be allowed to exist when they behave the way this one does? And why on Earth would there be anyone here pumping this mess??? Anyone pumping here has to be connected on some level with either the company itself, or the toxic lenders they do business with. Or possibly one of their bought and paid for analysts, like Zacks. They have had Zacks #1 ratings at multiples of today’s price!!! Zacks has as much credibility as the pumping nonsense that has taken place on this message board for too many years. What a way to fly for the bad guys of the World. Black Karma permeates all those involved.

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