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  • morris-mpl Feb 18, 2014 10:42 AM Flag

    You don't see anything strange here?

    market cap 40mil 1.2 billion
    inside ownership 8% 2%
    Stock Price 1.27 15?
    Pipeline 10 + 4 +
    revenues 70 mil 7mil
    debt 0 0

    These numbers are ridiculous.
    Yes, Kerx is 30 times the market cap of AEZS and sales are 1/10 the sales of AEZS

    AEZS will eventually take off - sooner than later.

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    • The 10q coming in March will show a much larger market cap because of the shares added in the highly dilutive financings that have taken place prior to the 3rd quarter 10q (which you are quoting). It will show practically no revenues, if any at all, as Cetrotide is now completely in the past. It will show diminishing insider ownership as shady Cayman based companies have begun selling off their holdings and no real insiders have purchased a single share using their own money. And it will show a pipeline of two candidates. AZ-130 which is currently under review for FDA acceptance for a simple test for AGHD which has an extremely limited market potential and likely to receive a CRL because of all of the difficulty the company had in submitting a simple NDA over the last 3 years. And AZ-108 which has already “recently” had 2 trials canceled because of poor enrollment and who’s Phase II results were not nearly as robust as Peri-faux-zine’s. And who could forget the outcome of Peri?

      Wait to see the enrollment numbers for AZ-108 for a clue about its future, if the company even provides them instead of just reporting “double digit” numbers. Everything about this company is deceptive including the enthusiastic supporters on this message board. What are the odds that pumpers have a connection to the management of this dilution trap? I’m sure they would all like to keep their high paying jobs for as long as possible. Where else can any of them earn so much for accomplishing so little?

      • 2 Replies to dscobash
      • You mentioned that the insider ownership which purchased the AEZS offering is a shady based
        Cayman island company. The company that bought the offering is Capital ventures international which is a part of Susquehanna international group which has 1500 employes located outside Philly with office in San Fransisco as Heights capital management. The 2 AEZS-108 trials that were cancelled were because they overlap the Endo phase 3 trial and when the grant money ran out AEZS decided to put the money in the Endo trial. They didn't pursue the other trials ,also they were in only 1 hospital so do you think that they will have 300 bladder cancer patients in Miami U hospital? If the phase 3 trial works companies will be bidding on all the 108 uses because it is a delivery system for drugs. As for enrollment we will see soon in the quarterly report. As for the salaries since Engle is gone they seem actually lower than other bios if you compare them to the Yahoo compensation lists. There are many stories as you well know where bios were on the brink and they rose from the ashes. AEZS could be one of them.

      • You are wrong. AEZS has 72M market cap, new holders are holding warrants and also shares. If they sell the warrants they get more shares. AEZS is under accumulation. Nobody is shorting. Are you a basher?

    • Yes. AEZS will take off this year after Macimorelin NDA.

      We will see $10 with the AGHD tests.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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