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  • dscobash dscobash Jul 27, 2014 5:54 PM Flag

    Same As it Ever Was …………………

    Still lots of nothing but dilution coming from this company. Turpin is obviously hard at dispensing through the company ATM. And for those who want to claim I’m wrong, for the first time, the quarterly losses report in a few weeks will only serve to maintain my 100% track record about this investment disaster. Dodd has shown himself to be a bungling idiot when it comes to shareholder value. That is a simple fact. And one that was predicted by me the moment I first heard him speak. He looks and sounds like a cheap used car salesman. He started making promises he couldn’t keep. He did no less than three!!! Offerings in less than a years’ time. All while an ongoing, ever going, ATM program was taking place. His turnaround plan sounds juvenile and convoluted. He wants to turn the company into a revenue producing entity??? What was the company’s plan before that!!! To be a non-revenue producing entity??? And with that realty check thought in mind I find it ironic that Dudd has done just that. The company actually “WAS” producing revenues prior to his arrival with his new turnaround plan. Since becoming CEO the company has now lost its one and only revenue source. How hilarious is that? Dodd has to date accomplished the exact opposite of what he claims are his priorities. What about his claim of “shareholder value” being another one of his top priorities? How has he been doing on that front? The stock is down more than 40% since he first started working his own special brand of magic.

    In my opinion Dodd is an absolute bumbling fool who happened to be at the exact right spot at the exact right time once in his life. Obviously lightning doesn’t strike the same spot twice. I don’t believe that the value of Serologicals Corporation increased as much as it did because David Dodd was its CEO rather than it increased as much as it did in spite of David Dodd being its CEO. It probably would have been worth far more if someone else were CEO at the time. That company had talent working within. This company has none. Including its CEO with a bad haircut along with its pompous arrogant CFO who couldn’t negotiate a good deal for a gallon of water in the middle of the desert. Turpin hasn’t bought a single share of the millions he routinely dumps into the market annually for reasons well known to him. And Dodd’s last share purchase was completely contrived in my opinion. He received a large cash bonus days after his transaction. Now try and tell me that this wasn’t some kind of scheme cooked up between him and the BOD using company cash derived from shareholder losses through dilution of value to make it appear that insiders might possibly know something. The only thing insiders know is that shareholders are sheep to be sheared whenever they please.

    I also see that Sheff from Sheff’s penny pumping station of stocks has closed his position. And voila!!! The pumping nonsense that permeated this board evaporates. What a shock. The leaders of this company have turned the investment reality of this company’s fortunes into a cheap pump and dump lottery ticket that lasts as long as it takes for pumpers to become dumpers. Pumping for pennies worth of gain while leaving someone else gullible enough to believe them holding the bag.. As I keep saying, this is a despicable company, run by despicable people, supported by despicable people, all of whom have the singular purpose of scamming other people out of their money. If Dodd would only announce that was his primary goal he would finally be right for once. As it stands, he is happy to continue collecting his $10,000 a week pay check for pretending otherwise.

    Same As It Ever Was

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    • I enjoyed reading your post. I don't know how much about AEZS as i haven't researched much. All I really know is that they have PDUFA date stated in November when it really could be September (that right there is should be straightened out right now, as this is misleading if it occurs earlier). It is for a drug to administer to test for Growth Hormone Deficiency in Adults.
      They possibly have a linker platform for oncology drugs (could be the real driver eventually), but the one is for Endometrial cancer which there are roughly 50 to 55,000 new cases a year. There are 4 chemos used to treat...Doxorubicin and lipo doxo or doxil are the ones that Zoptarelin would have to beat. The previous study involved 43 patients with LHRH positive advanced or recurrent endometrial cancer. The over all response rate was about 30%. I would think that since this is a targeted specific therapy that the overall response rate should or would be much higher than this. RECIST was the primary endpoint. The main point is the overall survival after single agent zoptarelin doxorubicin is similar to that reported for modern triple combination chemotherapy, but was achieved with lower toxicity. So this one has a chance.
      AEZS has enough cash on hand until 2015 and the phase III trial with Zoptarelin will have interim results in mid 2015...a long ways between major catalysts. They do have an SPA with the FDA for this.
      AEZS has been granted Orphan Status for Ovarian Cancer, but I don't see them doing anything with this...does anyone know what their plan is or what they are Currently doing?
      The Phase I-II study of Prostate Cancer will not be completed until sometime in 2016.
      So they say they have enough cash on hand and they are using ATM? That's not right if true.

    • Wow!!. You can write a book with all your story.

    • Ahh. More pumping thumbs down. Oh the humanity. I must really strike directly at the core of fear and insecurities in the heart of pumptarts who try to pretend I’m not relevant in my observations about this investment disaster. My track record here predicting what happens next is available for all to see. At least make an attempt to explain why you feel what I am writing is not relevant. Or is it just that the cowards who can only thumb their sentiment would rather not look ridiculous going up against my uncanny accurate assessments? One can only ponder. But for as wrong as butters and spanish have been one does not need to ponder very long to understand why.

      This is a pump and dump stock. It always has been. Its biggest supporters here are cheap pump and dump message board con artists. The company’s covering analysts are also pump and dump dilution specialists (remember Roth’s $12 a share price target a month before they underwrote an offering at $2.50 a share!!!). The company’s CFO is a pump and dump masochist (Turpin has set new low bars of how low he is willing to sell shares for on an almost monthly basis). Where is the investment value in any of that? What investor who ever held stock in this company longer than the pumpty dumptys who permeate this stock ever did well? The company has turned “thumbs down” to shareholder value for over 12 years. And a couple of multi ID pump artists think they can direct sentiment with their thumbs. The level of stupidly that supports this investment trap is staggering. And yet at the same time isn’t fooling anyone. Except of course other fools.

      Same as it ever was

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