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  • fire2ball fire2ball Feb 23, 2012 5:11 AM Flag

    Jim Sinclare mentions McEwen

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    • Thanks for posting, too
      "Therefore the soundest investment now is what I, and others (McEwen) are doing in building companies whose inventories of goods to be sold are mineable ounces of gold and other precious metals in the ground moving towards production."

      and see:

      It is difficult to know exactly when or if people's view of the shares will change; there are millions of investors all with their own perception of the world. Nevertheless, a lot of shares already offer bargain prices and many shrewd investors have already whipped out their shopping list.
      It may take some time before the shares really gain momentum but it may well be worth the wait. Remember that the time to buy shares is when others don't want them and that time appears to be now. I recommend investors that are less risk adverse to add positions like McEwen Mining (MUX) and Eurasian Minerals (EMXX) to their speculative portfolio in anticipation of the coming gold rush."

    • fire,

      Thanks for posting this.


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      • So True....

        The only way out is the historic way out. That is the instillation of a new monetary system based on commodity money, gold. This need will remain intact to its strongest period in mid 2015 when the need will be critical. Gold is headed into the system and not away from it. Gold will be the last man standing in terms of asset categories when the piper must be paid, more than likely in June of 2015.

        This is why I am so confident in what I am doing in TRX and some others are doing in other companies such as McEwen in MUX. Acquiring mineable gold in the ground and moving towards production is the correct direction to go. Mining money is the final goal. The leverage exists in upgrading gold in category and nature held. A discovery is just that. A total windfall is this without the use of margin. This was my plan in 2001 when interviewed by Forbes. It is set in cement in that article which you can easily research. The book I wrote in the 1990s, "Boom" outlined the country selection and business plan. I have made that plan and worked it without any deviation. I will succeed without the use of margin in what I think will be my maximus opus and last great business before I return to purely trading markets, my love, and exchanging notes with my dear friend, Harry Schultz.


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