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  • xaubugged xaubugged May 11, 2012 9:29 AM Flag

    How much does Argentina have to do with MUX weakness

    I'm new to MUX. Haven't bought yet but am tempted. Doesn't MUX have a project in Argentina? If so some of this weakness might be due to the government in Argentina nationalizing various industries? Looks like long term support is around $2.50.

    Since I'm a newbie here, what do some of you MUX veterans think?

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    • Xaubugged and WhiteSands -

      If you like, you email me at

      It's initially hard to tell who's here to bug people and the true longs and get a good short synopsis of what MUX truly is or is not.


    • nothing.

    • Hang in there with GPL. I think it's a keeper. They seem to be solving the issue of lower grade Ore.

    • Thanks fellas for your assistance.

    • I agree with you and this worm looks to be turning to me as well. Miners are starting to hold up even on down gold days. MUX is having trouble but XG which has been killed recently is startin to show some lift.

      For Silver you might want to look at PSLV which usually trades at a premium to SLV but not currently.

    • SVM would be my choice jontdavis, no debt, low mining expences plenty of in hand cash, positive PE, ... I hold 3-k Shares.

      The worm you speak of will soon become a "LONG MEAN" Snake, ... ready to strike! lol.

    • The man running mthe company is putting his own $$$ in and not just a few stock options. With all the CEO'S running companies into the ground today with no stake, I'll buy more of MUX.

      What other miners are doing well today? Coal? Hardly, Cooper? Hardly, Silver? Hardly. It's been heeell holding these junior miners and getting slaughtered but Ill add and stay long and hope the worm turns.

      By the way anybody suggest a good silver play besides SLV or SLW? I have GPL and that ain't working out so well!


    • Well, ... I cant find the word 'Funny' in my post or the one above mine. I don't think anyone here sees anyone on this thread 'as Funny' in an evil sense.

      I gave 4 good reasons in my post to why MUX is a great buy at this level and I also agreed that it could drop a bit more, ... and, ... I also don't see any sarcasm in my comments, its all how one perceive things.

      As you read in my last post, ... Ive missed great buying opportunities in the past by second guessing myself and gave you reason to why this company will be ahead of its class once things settle down and Rob McEwen plans fall in-line.

      We all have to do whats right for Ourselves.
      Good luck with your choice.

    • i wouldn't be too interested in someone who makes a snarky comment, but doesn't say why. chalk it up to one intelligent post, and then you gotta have one annoyance.

    • Been watching MUX for a while as well...Rob McEwen (CEO)is probably one of the best out there and will put lots of effort into making the company work aince he doesn't get a salary and owns a substantial amount of shares...A CEO like that is your friend..However, like you said Argentina is an issue and that bothers me as well..If Argentina nationalized MUX could recover from it but it because they have other projects would take a while..

      The other thing that bothers me is that MUX doesn't have very high grade gold ore and they have more shares outstanding than I would like from a junior..Their current outstanding shares are not reflected in the market cap on yahoo likely because of the merger, but they ahve over 267 million shares outstanding...So at $4 it a billion dollar market cap....Was close to buying MUX but I think I'll pass for now.

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