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  • jontdavis Sep 26, 2012 8:27 PM Flag

    My answer to your question.

    I don't know where gold/silver is heading to tomorrow, next week or next month. I feel fairly confident that by next spring Gold will be at least 1900 and Silver over 45. In fact Silver will most likely close the ratio and outperform Gold. And if Chinaa doesn't implode the miners will outperform the metals. Some just like to make this more complicated than it really is. Big Ben has put a floor in and will increase QE substantially going forward soon. Just get in and enjoy the ride. It's going to be a historic ride for theMiners!

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    • ['I don't know where gold/silver is heading to tomorrow, next week or next month.'']


      Some good points Jontdavis, ... I have a pretty good idea of MUX's moves up and down most of the time.

      I dont disagree with where Gold and Silver are headed long-term and I think your perspective on Gold being at $1,900 and Silver at $45.00 might be a bit lower than my view and I am encouraged with your point about it being "AT LEAST at those levels.

      In a nutshell, "for most people", ... you are correct in staying the course and going with the flow. .

      I use the word 'people because these days True Investors are rare indeed, by this I mean 'one that invests in an over the counter equity for a 3, 5 to 10 year stretch, my objective might be totally different then the next persons, ... and these days (overall), .. we have more gambles then we do investors.

      My interests and objective here on MUX's message board for the past year, ... and also for many other issues over the past 10 years has been to share Technical Analysis with those that like to view stocks technically and we've been very successful in pin pointing a stocks movement both up and down with great consistency.

      I offer technical views, ... I like to know exactly where a stocks been, where it is and where it might go next, .. this takes out a lot of uncertainty, fear and anxiety it also gives me a lot of room to trade stocks that trigger certain signals.

      I view stocks technically more than I do fundamentally, ... and under most circumstances I would stay the course as long as the course is visible. Mr. McEwen's need to raise cash through a Rights Offering added some uncertainty for my comfort level (short-term), ... I choose to fully understand the terms of this possible R/O before I jump back in with both feet, we have several thousand issues within the markets to chose from.

      The possible fluctuation in MUX's share price due to the R/O offers or might offer some short-term opportunity to either buy the shares at a lower level or at least pick-up extra total shares, I am more comfortable freeing up a large amount of cash and watching it from the sidelines, and yes, I know I can miss a nice move to the upside, ... those opportunities come unannounced and move quickly.


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      • Hello Mike,

        Yes its the1stockman@yahoo or @Gmail.

        Folks on SI-MUX board will do just fine, ... no need to have three TA guys on one board, besides I have more freedom here, Wolf wanted more control of the board and he can have it, ... Yahoo hasn't threatened to ban me or ask me to apologize to the good folks for my political views and my beliefs, .... not yet anyway!

        I keep forgetting to mention, ...That survey I took between Romney and Hussein a month or two back had Romney in the lead by over 30% in the end.

        I think this administration is in Trouble, ... the lies have become much more desperate and overdone by the Liberal media, they scream bloody murder on every Romney word, on every incident, ... its not about Hussein vs Romney anymore, ... its Romney vs the OVERWHELMING Liberal media and if Hussein wins, .. its credited to the media not Husseins broken promises and lack of his overall achievements, or shall I say (do to his damages).

        The low wage earners can improve themselves if they wanted to, America has always risen to any event overwhelmingly, with Pride and Glory, ... free handouts, ... courtesy of the true tax-payers keeps them too comfortable, ... and now, ... the Obama's are telling our kids what they can and cant eat at school and in what amounts.

        I fear for this country. If this guy wins, America as we now know it will not be the same, Muslim influence has infiltrated our Government, ... (thank you Hussein), ... 25, 50 years from now, ... you wont recognize the USA, Sharia-Law will be the Common-Law, its threatening our Constitution and Hussein invites the Brotherhood to Our White House and ditches Netanyahu for Jay Z Beyonce and Letterman, ... over a half dozen cases have been judged by Sharia recently in the USA, ... all one has to do is Google Sharai Law.

        The only hope we will have left if Hussein makes it back in office is, taking both houses.

        I better not get started again Mike, a couple of thugs might want to take me OUT again!


      • Stocky,,,On point as usual. Funny you should mention the "true investor" cause that guy is me. I look,I read , I buy and I hold to a point. I have been to the SI site and along with your technical renderings,,,,,charts do have some merit. Scary part is I'm starting to understand them. The thing that gets me is how a world event or a currency can affect everything. That understanding I will work on if I ever get a break from work. Marble flooring installs are feast or famine but month after month of 12 hour days keep my homework time limited. Keep up the posts and lets see what the future holds.

      • James, you rode us hard and left us in the dust LOL, just kidding! Is your mail the same at yahoo? I spoke with a fellow worker the other day.......Barat supporter....I now know why they want him....low wage earners wanting big refunds....they credit HIM. Jeesh. Later Mike

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