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  • stock_green07 stock_green07 Dec 18, 2012 11:32 AM Flag

    FED Manipulating a Metals

    Look at GOLD ridiculous actions, no fundamental reason dropping like a rock day after day,
    during US session.. 1 trillion $/year assets they can manipulate everything..

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    • Stop manipulating GOLD prices, Ma--f7849376-ers!!!
      By trowing bunch of Paper dollars to Short PAPER gold.
      Pretty soon no real/physical GOLD will be left on the Market.. Stop manipulating prices,
      Big Paper Giants on Clay legs... #$%$, by the way, on "No inflation" comment..

    • The headlines will say that gold is dropping on 'technical selling' which is probably true. What they will not say is the sell off is once again engineered by the huge commerical (re; Bankster) shorts that operate with the blessing of the regulators as the agent for the government and the Fed. If you have the firepower to pull this off on your own try doing it and then you'll find yourself in some Federal facility for 10 years. Not so with the Banksters because they operate above the law, 'too big to jail' I believe is the term. They'll perpetrate their crime and then go out tonight and celebrate with the loot they've stolen from honest investors.

      While the Euro moves higher against the dollar gold makes a counter-intuitive large move to the downside. That is why I always call the 2nd trading day of the week 'Takedown Tuesday'. This is the standard operation they run and the low pre-holiday volume provides more cover for their crimes.

      Sentiment: Buy

    • Dollar dropping alone with the GOLD, OIL up big, GOLD dropping like a rock,
      Common FED it's already upside down, looks like CASINO for them,,

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