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  • rxbond rxbond Sep 13, 2013 2:06 PM Flag


    The only thing we can do is take care of things at our own camp. Metal prices will eventually come along. Has any one took a look at Mux 2nd financials? Mux has 100's in millions of assets with zero debt, thus the debt to asset ratio is excellent and indicates there is continued stability. The current ratio, current assets versus current liability, indicates how fast the company can turn its assets into cash and what liabilities are due soon, is at 4.5.. anything above 1 is acceptable anything nearing 5 is excellent. Mux being relatively small compared to others and not presently profitable, that is important because it tells us if we have enough capital to sustain operations. The price to book value which indicates how much of a premium we are paying versus the assets mux presently has , which is also relative to others, but generally speaking anything below 3 is excellent, and that's where mux presently lies , below 3

    Its important to identify value and promising companies that have excellent profit potential. Additionally I think the 1 billion dollar market capitalization mark will be a important milestone and a sweet spot and will add more stability to the company...puberty to adulthood so to speak

    The resource updates indicated to me El Gallo project's is just the warm up for EL gallo 2 which will double our silver and there are looking at 9 other older camp sites left by original owners left behind for even more resources ....So the company is positioning itself quite nicely...just staying afloat till metal prices improve

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    • Then why does the chart look so horrible. If it was all that it would continue to appreciate in share price. This is a corrupt market period. If the value was really there is would not be a 2 buck stock.

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      • You are absolutely right. The market is corrupt. Period. The insiders manipulate up and down. If they missed out on the latest run up of gold miners, they will bring them down, try to chase out the weak hands and buy low. Then they will run them up and sell high.
        If you want to play, look at prices. We are putting in a buy of MUX at $1.50. It may get there or not. We will not chase the stock. If you look at the graph, there are plenty of ups and downs. If they manipulate the price of gold down, then MUX could get to $1.50 or lower.
        As rxbond says, the fundamentals of MUX look solid. This hopefully will keep the company from going belly up while we play with the insider big boys.

      • Actually the value is there because it is 2 bucks. Mux metrics indicates we have the tangible assets in the ground and the intangible assets on how the company is being run, the missing jack pot piece is the commodity price, once that comes they will be superior shareholder return.

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