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  • short_is_good_baboly short_is_good_baboly Feb 22, 2005 1:06 AM Flag

    RBC capital put $6 target for PQUE

    RJ has investment interest in PQUE and publicly has declared this fact so RJ opinion is a bias one.

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    • true to a certain point but given that the stock is trading at close to 7$ and let's see where it goes from here, RBC target is clearly out of step. ESPECIALLY if you believe that their target is a 12 month one (not indicated on the report.)

      Barring a catastrophe, do you really think PQUE will be trading at 6$ later on this year? If so, then obviously you should be selling.

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      • to such reasonable questions as what changed when you were bashing the stock around $4.50-5.00 telling us "idiot longs" that we return to 3.50 before returning to the $2 stock PQUE really is.
        Now the stock is at $7, and you tell us this is headed back to $6 at best.

        You guys have had this as short sell since 4 now it is 7, you are either bashers or you have lost your tails on shorts. Which is it? Could one of you(asian/china/short/cash et al)please respond?

        Or did more bad news occur in PQUE that I am not aware of, as I felt the CC was positive, the earnings were strong, and the price of their product(s) is 50-100% higher than last year.

        My personal opinion is drunken fund managers may take this to 10 before returning to mid 8's. This will take 6 months or so, in my opinion.