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  • astaxanthindude astaxanthindude Feb 18, 2011 12:19 PM Flag

    A bit of speculation

    It seems reasonable to assume that if Cyanotech commissioned research on Spirulina Pacifica, that they also would sponsor similar research on BioAstin. BioAstin is their silver bullet. It has a higher profit margin, but more significantly, it has more potential benefits to health: immune system enhancement, antioxidant, eye, skin, muscle, and circulatory benefits. Since there are several aspects to this supplement's value, the research would naturally be more complex and take longer. This is all to say that it seems likely that some time in the not-too-distant future we may see a release of study results of BioAstin. I don't think it is too unreasonable to guess that such results would have a far more positive effect on the share price, since BioAstin is (as we say in the Islands) da kine.

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    • Come on Alex tell the truth, you do sneak a peek on my comments. You're right, I never make a comment on CYAN because I don't trade in penny stox and to tell the truth I 've never owned a share. Some day I will tell you why if you promise to sneak a peek at my comment. It's your comments that intrigue me.

    • Well, how about Bistaligna?

      He has, as far as I can tell, NEVER posted anything of substance (either fact or opinion) about CYAN. However, he seems to enjoy commenting on MY posts.

      These are the reasons why Yahoo! invented the "Ignore" button, and I do!


    • ---alex - pretty naive isn't he? This yoyo is so incensed concerning my attacks on his favorite biotech stock OXGN for the past 8 years. A stock by the way that he has issued strong buys on every post, from well over $12 to just over 11 cents today(1 for 20 reverse split just was initiated recently). So his new tactic is to follow me around the Yahoo message boards I post on to warn all about my "so called nefarious tactics".

    • Certainly you jest, sir?

    • Astaxanthin as an ingredient is a somewhat lousy business to be in. The premium value is hard to capture, and as soon as you make a profit the synthetic producers step on the market, making it self-limiting. Getting a supplement business here is going to be tough without proprietary health claims like Martek/DSM has for DHA - and getting such claims will be very difficult and likely impossible, even if significant $$ spent on clinical trials (which may end up being non-proprietary if no health claim is obtained, thereby benefiting the low-cost producers in China).

      I'd rather see Cyanotech place themselves at additional points in the value chain for this product so that they can capture more of the benefit of the ingredient. Solazyme is doing great things with fermented algae extracts for the cosmetics / beauty markets as well as premium nutrition products (oils). Come on Cyanotech, how about some innovation?


    • From Cyanotech's fiscal year report in 2010:
      In the article, it says to restart clinical trials program.
      Expensive, I would think. Hope they have a rich partner.

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