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  • ats1775 ats1775 Jun 20, 2000 3:42 PM Flag

    Can someone explain me this

    Basically the results for two quarters will be
    the same. I totally understand the mixup and nothing
    bad happened. Why are we down so much because of
    this? I guess I would buy now If I had cash available.
    Can't wait till EGLS comments on all this.

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    • Okay, I'll try. They made a questionable move in
      booking the large 8mn order in the first quarter, rather
      than in the 2nd. If they had held the order off the
      books for another day, they would have had a BtB of
      about 1.13 for the first quarter and a sequentially
      increasing BtB in the present quarter.

      If they had
      done it this way, the stock would probably not have
      risen to the heights it did, and probably would not
      have fallen to its present depth.

      In any case,
      they were remiss in not preparing the analysts for
      this right off the bat instead of springing it on them
      now. The buck stops with the CFO.