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  • mtineh mtineh Feb 9, 2006 5:02 PM Flag

    why insiders and institutions still

    still holding there shares ?
    any insight will be appreciated

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    • I was believing that leaving Nasdaq for OTCBB is hardly an advantage and that the share will plunge after that news.
      Some posters here don't think so, saying e.g. "Might still be some covering Thursday due to high margin requirements for OTC stocks". But AH trading is disappointing.

      On the other hand, I'm puzzled that there are no news about this transfer to OTCBB, only this link spills it:

      I'm afraid I got burned here (entered @.4)

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      • Last night for message board if delisted.

        This Vippax is interesting though.

        On their front page they state.
        " The secret is that profiting on the market is not only analyzing publicity open data, trends, industries, advisories, articles and etc, but by getting exclusive internal, external, insiders and high-volume investors information several days prior, before all other people get it and then analyze it and figure out exact dates of the stock rise. VIPPAX gets such exclusive information from many agents, companies/industries insiders, brokers, advocates, financial consultants, secretaries and bank/trading companies managers all over the World, VIPPAX agents also sometimes influence or even force the situation to catalyze stock rising."

        "publicity open data"? I see this Vippax is better at math than english.

        But, The last line really tells it all.

        "VIPPAX agents also sometimes influence or even force the situation to catalyze stock rising."

        As In, Use investor money to buy low float penny stocks that still trade on the nasdaq the day before trades will be hidden. Drive the price up fast on the day and time you predict, then dump the cheap accumulated shares you own on an unsuspecting bunch of retailers.

        I guess it works until it stops working.
        The Ponzi scheme wasn't a scheme until it stopped working and the majority lost all their money.

        If, todays trading was a scam, and as they claim insiders at REDI are found to have profited in any way from this scam they should all be prosecuted.
        Since they only promise you profits on the one big day, it is likely that REDI didn't get bailed out, or sign a mega mil. contract to stave off delisting.
        But instead just a well conceived pump and dump.

        I hope I'm wrong for yours and other of todays buyers sake.

        I gotta admit I have given some thought to pulling one of these tape scams with my own money, but I not only have a consious, I mostly have no desire to spend jail time.

      • How many shares did you buy at 40 cents?

        I hope you didn't put all your money in REDI. If you did then please sell some tomorrow at a price you feel comfortable even if it means taking a loss. Remember this rule number one of daytrading: "Live to fight another day".

        1)REDI in 20 cents range was very tempting. I had been waiting for an insider to buy before I loaded up. Alas no insider showed any confidence even at these low prices and hence I didn't buy in the 20cents range. Suprsingly, they bought at much higher prices.

        2)I looked up the following site and realized that this site was some how responsible for today's push. I just signed up for their free newsletter in order to get their other weekly recommendations. Note that they recommended REDI on Feb 2. Amazing that it moved today. Looked up their other picks and those had a push too after their recommendation. I suggest that you sell a small portion of your REDI (doesn't matter if you sell at profit/loss) and move that money in their next recommendation. Maybe that way you will be able to recoup some of your REDI losses.

        3)Be careful with the above site's recommendations as they seem to deal with stocks that are close to delisting and have thus fallen very low with little volume. Such stocks can be easily manipulated. So don't put all your money in their recommendations as they have risk as you would have realized from REDI's behavior today.

      • ....something is definetly up, we will just have to wait till tomorrow. Could be positive/that being said, and the PPS, I'm holding and hoping for the best.