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  • csco_brat csco_brat Aug 15, 2010 10:06 PM Flag

    asian economies headed down tonight

    our yellow man friends might need to save some dollars instead of blowing it at casino.

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    • One more thing you need to pay serious attention to is the exchage rate between USD and RMB. If RMB appreciate 2 to 3% against USD in the next few quarters, the earning of LVS from Macau will be amplified accordingly. I hope I have educated you enough

    • Well, dollar will continue going down, do you know why ? Federal is now printing dollar big time again.
      Historically, dollar either wnt to US treasury or the equity market, as a result, when equity market went down, dollar went to treasury and pish down the US treasury yield, and when equity market went up, people sold treasury push the yield up and dollar went to the equity. Recently this trend is broken, that is when the equity market went up , US treasury went up as well, and push the yeild down, and when the equity market went up, the treasury yield went down as well, i.e now matter what the yield of treasury always went down. So, who is buying US treasury ? The US federal is buying US treasury with printed money , and China is buying Euro, and as a result, dollar will continue going down, gold will go down, and commodity continue going up. Hope you has the brain to understand it.

    • Well, you are wrog.
      Dollar is heading down, and the rule of thumb is dollar down US equity market up, and future will turn green tonight

      China equity market is up today, and China's electricity consumption has hit the bottom, and it indicated the economy slowdown has hit the bottom and the equity market is reflecting it. Our red neck friends need to watch carefully of its currency

      Dollar will go up , when people buy gold , they have to sell dollar , which will push dollar down and gold up

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