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    Allin I decided to start this new thread with a project for the longs. Take the three locations I have given into the Google map one at a time. The whole upper left hand corner of this picture would be The New Las Vegas Sands Integrated Resort. 2000 acres that will add Billions of dollars to the revenue.
    Adelson is getting three Square miles or almost 2000 acres in Barcelona.The three areas that make up the parcel are "El Prat de Llobregat" and "Sant Boi de Llobregat" and "Cornella de Llobregat "Google those three on the map and you will see how it fits. The Cruise Ship Lines are at the top of the photo and they do 7 million passangers. That airport will do 40 million visitors. This deal can still be won by Madrid but they say its 50/50 between the two at this point.

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    • $$$$$$$$$$

    • abc you are the best.

    • Thanks, Good thread!

    • This is from three hours ago . Adelson has everything ready to choose between Madrid and Barcelona to Eurovegas (22/02)
      Adelson has everything ready to choose between Madrid and Barcelona to Eurovegas (22/02)
      Related quotesUSA 0,03 -3,21%
      Madrid, 20 mar (EFE).-the US Ambassador to Spain, Alan Salomont, said today that the American company that promotes urban project Eurovegas is "large and prosperous", but declined to say whether Madrid or Barcelona is the city with more options of awarding the project.

      Salomont has felt that corresponds to these regions, and not to the Government of United States, take a decision on the location of the complex of entertainment and game plans to the American magnate Sheldon Adelson.

      "It is another example of healthy competition between Madrid and Barcelona". "Just as I am not going to enter the football rivalry, I will not make the investment", said.

      The Ambassador has referred to this matter in an informative breakfast organized by Europa Press in a Madrid hotel.

      Attendees included the President of the community of Madrid, Esperanza Aguirre, one of the defenders of which this region is made with the project.

      Eurovegas would involve an investment of EUR 17 billion and the creation of 260,000 jobs.

      On the Las Vegas Sands Corporation, developer of Eurovegas, Salomont pointed out that it is a "large and prosperous" company that is doing business "globally".

      "Obviously, there are decisions to be taken here (in Spain) on that investment can only take the communities of Spain." "But we, in general, support projects and investments that support American business," explained.

      With regard to the economic situation in Spain Salomont has praised the "quite serious decisions" taken by Mariano Rajoy since he assumed power, among which mentioned, those relating to the workplace.

      "Many we have been impressed by the resolution of the new Government to solve these problems alone, with the support of the international community, but its financing", he commented.

      In his view, Spain has a "difficult challenge", but it has been convinced that "has all the ingredients" to emerge from the crisis.

      It has predicted that the process will be "slow" and "will have to be patient", but he has been confident in the results.

      The Ambassador has also praised the introduction of the law Sinde to protect intellectual property.

      In his view, "Spain is the only country in the world that has taken such decisive action against piracy on the internet in this particular period."

      It has relied on the results to be positive, although it has noted that it will be the Government and industry Spanish "the best judges to know if it is enough" the law Sinde.

      Salomont has pointed out that no country can base its economic recovery on innovation "If you don't have a good system of intellectual property protection".

    • The top five tourist destinations in the world. Adelsons plan is starting to make sense.

      1) France 76.80 million

      2) United States 59.75 million

      3) China 55.67 million

      4) Spain 52.68 million

      5) Italy 43.63 million

    • February 21 2012 control of the project moved out of the contol of the local interests in Madrid and Barcelona.The Government is considering "point by point" requests that the businessman Sheldon Adelson handed to the Secretary of State for Commerce, Jaime García Legaz, a few weeks ago to install the leisure complex that promotes The Las Vegas Sands Corporation (LVSC) in Spain, according to Government sources explained to La Vanguardia.
      The Ministry of industry, to which it belongs García Legaz, has distributed the requests between the rest of departments and asked to study them, as well as to develop alternatives that serve to encourage the decision that the investment will be in Catalonia or in Madrid. Work is underway on swiftly, as the company of Adelson intends to make its decision before the summer

    • “tens of billions to be made”

      Given Spain’s precarious public finances, and considering that, as Mr Adelson puts it, there are “tens of billions to be made” from the resort, the authorities ought to resist any temptation to splash out taxpayers’ money to win the deal. They will have to assuage public fears of encouraging gambling addiction, infiltration by organised crime and the environmental impact of such a giant construction project. As in Singapore, where LVS recently opened a big casino resort, Spanish officials play down gambling as a small part of the overall package.LVS has withstood the global downturn pretty well, and the success of its Macao and Singapore operations gives it plenty of financial firepower. LVS boasts that its Marina Bay Sands development has “moved the needle” in Singapore, with record tourism figures one year after its opening. Euro Vegas would be much larger. A casino resort may lack the prestige of, say, a technology cluster, but Spain will have to take a few gambles to get its soaring unemployment under control.

    • info you are 100% correct. The reason Spain Loves Adelson is they have been burned twice. bjspok asked why wont Spain give the deal to other operators and the answer is they only want a big Marina Bay Sands with the 3 golf courses. If he got 2000 acres in Japan we would all go nuts.Japans 5 years out.JMO

    • info I only posted that to show Adelson is having som opposition.

      This is the biggest casino in Spain. It makes the most money and is small.We will have no competition.

      When Adelson did Singapore almost 30,000 Singaporean's signed an anti-casino petition worried about the social problems it could create. This protest has 200. I dont think any other project will be done before this one.JMO

    • Hundreds of people rallied in central Madrid on Saturday to express their opposition to a US billionaire's plan to build a vast gambling complex called Eurovegas in the city.

      Las Vegas Sands (LVS) boss Sheldon Adelson says that the six casinos and 12 hotels he envisages will create 260,000 indirect and direct jobs in a country where unemployment is over 23 per cent.

      But protesters said that the plan will cost Spain more in grants, concessions and social problems than it can yield in benefits.

      Protester Rafael Cordoba, an architect, said the "Las Vegas-style" job creation model proposed by Mr Adelson promoted gambling and alcohol and tobacco addiction and would encourage prostitution.

      LVS is reportedly pressing Spanish authorities to reduce gambling levies and ease a ban on smoking in public places.

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