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  • jbu790ojjjjjj jbu790ojjjjjj Dec 26, 2012 2:44 PM Flag

    The Communistcrats want the cliff


    War on the middle class . The more departments ON government the better for the ANTI AMERICAN thugs
    The democrats = communist party USA just ask 1/2 the country. Everyone's catching on the the criminal party

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    • By hyping the "fiscal cliff" scenario over and over and over again the media thinks it has put so much pressure on Repub's to raise taxes that there's no other way. WRONG!!
      Several weeks ago it was reported the fiscal cliff was going to be $7Trillion. NOW, it's more like $500Bill. I say we go over the cliff now so we don't look like Greece in two years. Remember folks, Obama's the man in charge and he's destroying our country.
      There's NO WAY the Democraps will accept $500Bill. in spending cuts.
      Obama cannot count either. As part of his "spending cuts" package, he wants ANOTHER $60Bill. for the unemployed. WHY????? Doesn't make any sense. Why would you keep giving someone unemployed money? There's no motivation to find work.
      OBAMA NEEDS TO BE IMPEACHED. He's compromised our security by spending waaaaay too much and he wants Defense spending cuts.

    • Read your posts. Do you own any stocks? Would hate to live in your world. Sorry you have so much hate in your heart at this time of the year.

      Sentiment: Hold

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