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  • seekay34 seekay34 Feb 8, 2013 8:37 AM Flag


    Will be the death of LVS. Why build there? Crazy. Take a look at Nevada no longer a money maker. and do you think thing are going to be better in 2017. Share holders should be able to vote on this. I vote NO.

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    • What is visionary about Macau?

      Asians gamble, Europeans don't. Period.

    • You could be right. Maybe SA was just lucky with the Macau thing and of course LVS will always be rewarded here. But, the Europeans have an entirely different philosophy. Monaco is not a populist trend and casinos in the Euro zone haven't really gone anywhere. Europeans like sun & sand, cheap southern vacations, real food and drink. EuroVegas would be a very tricky sell, especially if it is to be self-sustaining. The Europeans approach to "fate" is very different from those who follow the "Tao". Then again, a good, moderately (read lower end) priced vacation getaway spot to the south might be appealing to many in the Eurozone if done smart. They might need to emphasize the golf and southern cuisine over the casino business in order to succeed in Spain which must be a great place to vacation! My guess is that margins would be considerably lower at a EuroVegas but just guessing. This kind of investment obviously requires investing an appropriate level of study beyond what I'd be willing to pursue on my own ticket! It will nevertheless be interesting to watch this unfold!

    • Well you have to look at the tax situation they negotiate. This is why Bethlehem is for sale IMO. Tax rate there is 55% I believe. Spain could be 10%. Would you not like it then? Take 1BB from Bethlehem. Move it over the pond and there you go. All things being equal revenue wise Spain would make a lot more money then Bethlehem.

    • I hate the idea of EuroVegas but Sheldon is the visionary not me. I hope this doesnt turn into a Eurodisney situation. Stick with what works and that is Asia

    • Many people though the same thing when he moved into Macau. I think this man is a visionary who knows what he is doing. Just like his China moves the rest of the Casino industry and other parts of Europe will be chasing him. My question would be that we all understand the Asian need to gamble, but I am not at all sure that same need exist in Europe. I am sure this new complex received very favorable tax concessions (unlike the very high tax rates paid in the US). The entertainment industry demands a man with his understanding of the market, and the stock market demands growth. I am sure we will hear much more about this in the coming months, so we should reserve our judgement until then.

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