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  • mbablitz mbablitz Apr 5, 2013 9:56 AM Flag

    Socialist metrics: Dropping out and getting paid to not work, does not count


    Things just keep getting worse for the American worker, and by implication US economy, where as we have shown many times before, it pays just as well to sit back and collect disability and various welfare and entitlement checks, than to work .The best manifestation of this: the number of people not in the labor force which in March soared by a massive 663,000 to a record 90 million Americans who are no longer even looking for work. This was the biggest monthly increase in people dropping out of the labor force since January 2012, when the BLS did its census recast of the labor numbers. And even worse, the labor force participation rate plunged from an already abysmal 63.5% to 63.3% - the lowest since 1979! But at least it helped with the now painfully grotesque propaganda that the US unemployment rate is "improving."

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    • We have no growth, no jobs, higher taxes, massive deficits, and rampant money printing.

      Like every failed socialist leader before him, Mr. Obama believes he can tax and spend our country to prosperity.

      Pimco's Muhammad El-Erian said it well on CNBC today.


    • I agree but in the interim there are no jobs. They do contribute to the economy with spending through sales tax and gas tax. I know two people who are getting $750 a month and would love to work if they could. Not all are capable of work due to intelligence or physical disabilities. These people have the most difficult time finding jobs in any type economy. It isn't black and white. We need training programs like Germany but with no jobs, what do you train them for?

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      • You're empathy on this subject is greatly appreciated. It certainly isn't a black and white issue, something that seems to be lost on the conservative base.

      • Some people are incapable of finding work, this is true, but it's not the bulk of American's latest dirty trend toward laziness. I can tell you of plenty of youngsters and long standing professionals I know that could have a job in this economy, but have self righteously convinced themselves that there's nothing out there worth searching for. Many of them even had a chance to take a decent job but turned it down, why? Because they didn't get the $40K they were looking for out of school. Because they couldn't find $60-70K to match what they were previously making before the recession and they consider anything else a 'waste of time.' So they veg on the couch, day after day, watching TV or surfing the internet, and then pout on the weekends about how they can't find any work out there.

        A few decades ago, you'd take the work you could find, contribute to society, or you'd starve to death. There was no option to justify your sloth with 'Oh I can't find anything that pays what I've convinced myself I'm worth' and start feeding off the government's #$%$. Is it a bad economy? Sure, but the current and previous generation (and the politics that came with them) have become such a drain on the hard-working culture we were formerly renowned for, that I doubt this country will ever see the 'full recovery' that many people long for.

      • I could not agree more regarding training programs rather than checks not to work. I have argued this point many times with friends using your points.

        If I were the Pres, I would encourage Congress to enact programs to pay business to train people for full time jobs they need filled rather than offer unlimited unemployment, welfare and disability... except in the rare cases that it is not possible due to real physical or mental incapacity rather than fraud or lack of will.

        This reverses the trend of businesses of transferring marginal employees from their payrolls to the government's payroll. At least when workers are getting paid for training they are paying taxes while learning new skills. When they are finished training and get a raise they will be paying more taxes; will go out shopping; eat out more; go on vacations; buy cars; and qualify for home loans... you know all that stuff that makes an economy grow with a multiplier effect.

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