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  • lovelvs2012 lovelvs2012 Apr 10, 2013 10:23 PM Flag

    AP Hates Sheldon Because Of His Contributions To The GOP---Weidner's Testimony Is Irrelevent

    Associated Mess (AP) even mentions Sheldon's contributions to the Republican Party in this article (which has NOTHING to do with anything). Weidner's testimony was irrelevant because it doesn't deal with the issue at hand: Did Suen get promised a future share of LVS's profits for setting up meeting with Chinese Officials to secure licenses for LVS?......The answer is an astounding NO, (no comapany in their right mind would promise hundreds of millions of dollars of profits based on one meeting----how silly!) as supported by the Chinese government on Sunday morning, in which they stated that Macau issues its' own licenses. That means that the officials from Bejiing which Suen had arranged a meeting with were useless as Bejiing had NOTHING to do with license approval.
    Weidner is a good man but he's also a bitter man for being terminated and that's why he's blasting off against Sheldon Adelson. This type of testimony was the primary reason Suen's award was over turned !!!!!!

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    • Weidner's testimony is viewed by the court as "hostile", so his words will be expected to be contrary to LVS's best interests. That actually helps LVS, because Weidner is EXPECTED to want to hurt LVS.

      In the original trial, Weidner said things that hurt LVS as well. The difference was that he was credible because he was an LVS executive at the time. The hearsay evidence regarding Stanley Ho's comments to Weidner were very damaging because Weidner had no motive to mis-represent those comments.

      Now, everyone EXPECTS Weidner to want some payback on Adelson. His words will carry much less credibility.


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