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  • m.agnolin m.agnolin Jul 16, 2013 11:03 AM Flag

    I can't believe some of the posters on here....!!!

    I don't hang around this board so much anymore but it seems nothing has changed....

    Some of you guys still go on and on and talk about LVS potential and market share, REIT potential, asset sales and on and on. In the meantime, this stock has done #$%$" all year in terms of it's PPS. But nothing's changed, it's done #$%$ for the past 3 years and it's still in a range unable to breakout.

    So why not talk about that ? Had you been in any other stock with markets at all time highs you would've doubled and sometimes tripled your money. But LVS is still in the mid 50's and going nowhere fast. It hasn't done squat. There are utility stocks that has performed better than this "so called" growth stock and that paints the entire picture.

    Aren't some of you serial posters the least bit ticked off that you're still waiting for this thing to breakout of this range ? How long are you going to wait, I'm just curious....?
    I still have a small portion of LVS in my core but not even close to what I used to have. I now trade this for what it is, a trading vehicle and not much different than a ETF at this point. When I see this thing break out of this range I'll reconsider but for now I'm not holding my breath.
    This has to be one of the most manipulated stocks in the history of stocks and yet some of you still believe in it and treat it like it's a serious investment "A" grade equity.

    If you've held this stock for the past 3 years then you will relate to everything I've said, if not then I guess you still believe in Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy as well...

    What surprises me the most is there are some intelligent and well educated posters on this board who are so emotionally tied to this stock that they have lost all their objectivity. Put LVS up against most stocks in the NYSE and you'll see what I'm talking about.

    Like I said, I don't post much anymore. It's just that I can't believe you can still stay so positive about a stock that has done nothing for more than 3 years....

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    • LOL, This coming from the person who bought a boatload of LVS at $60 and $57.50.
      Remember all those $60 and $57.50 OPTION PUTS you sold back then and then you biatched as it went down because you got assigned all those shares?

      Still a bitter Option Monkey I see.
      Just because you lost money and could not buy your Ferarri doesn't mean everyone else here lost money like you.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Nobody has asked you to return -- go back!

      Blah blah blah -- windy useless garbage post

      Sentiment: Buy

    • I think he has made some good points; I can't really disagree with anyone's comments on this topic. I would point out, however, he states that LVS pps has done nothing this year...actually the DJIA is up just less than 20% for the year so far; so is LVS...not too, TOO disappointing from my viewpoint. On top of the almost 20% ytd pps increase, there have been a couple of small divies, and a few successful scalps (I agree it is almost as much about trading as it is about investing here) and now a small option play that is up over 25% in exactly one week. I don't consider myself a pumper at all, but I've traded stocks for about 50 years and I've come across some real duds in that time...LVS is definitely not one of them. Cheers!

    • To Calsearch - I went in for the special divy as well, so between capturing that and trading it the past 3 years I made 3 x more than you did. How do you like them apples ?

      And Mr Taxx - how can you possibly defend a stock just cause it pays a measly 2.7% divy. Is that why you're still holding ? And I'm not complaining BTW bro, I think you completely misunderstood the intent of my post. I've made lots of money with this stock, I held it since $18 until the $50's. That's not the point, maybe you didn't pay attention to what I wrote.

      All I'm saying is you could've made a lot more holding any other stock this year with markets at all time highs ? You're going to dispute that ? Don't confuse me with a punk basher, I think you know I'm not like that. the problem with you and other people who post daily here day after day have lost all rationality when it comes to LVS.

      You're too emotionally involved at this point to consider any other opinion...

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      • held since $18 ...i backed up the truck at $2 and am still that apple...i think i will follow buffett's philosophy on this one...not remember what happened when everything shifted to the vegas strip...well thats beginning to happen on the cotia strip where lvs dominates.....and you won't be there ....also it seems almost every analyst disagrees with you re: lvs..

      • truemst Jul 16, 2013 11:37 AM Flag

        I have to agree. I hope 60 is in the cards for earnings. 60 and I'm gone. It's easy to stray from the rest of the market and this stock tends to trap an investor. You get into the mindset that it's not going to beat you, and in the meantime, you lose a fortune not being in the rest of the market. The divy's have been good, but well behind over the last year where I would have been if not so involved in LVS.

    • i made 80k on the special much did you make ?

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