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  • bjspokanimal bjspokanimal Aug 19, 2013 2:51 PM Flag

    To Taxx, Blitz, Neo, abc, and other "best of breed" posters here...


    ... wear the hatred that Tony displays toward you and me as a badge of honor.

    If I'm going to be hated by anyone, I'm most gratified if that person is a cesspool of sewage like Tony-Osama-Obama-Wang-Wong#$%$.

    When he states irrational, irratic, enunciations of brain-damaged-laced maoist rhetoric...

    ... it is absolutely fabulous if he then creates a new alias long enough for me to actually SEE his posting headline that slams me.

    It's great to know that such a major supporter of Barack Obama as Tony is is out here using the most screwed up rationale on the planet to explain why Mr. Obama is so fabulous...

    ... because there's nothing out there that damages Obama more... or helps people to understand the desparate need that America has to re-ignite the immense power of capitalism that Obama so hates... than the nature of the posts of Tony-Osama-Obama-Wang-Wong#$%$.

    iggy'ing the omar version of mr. #$%$.


    This topic is deleted.
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    • Wow, I did not make the list by name. I am crushed. LOL!!

      Remember....the other board is 100% tony-free. You are welcome to set up shop there anytime. You will have your own casino thread and pretty much anything else you need.

      • 1 Reply to jscolt45
      • You would, Colt, but you're not around much these days ;-)

        Yes, the tony virus has not infected the other board. Blitz puts some of his best finds up over there.

        Spent the last couple of weeks at C. Lake on and off (working vacation)... after 7 years, the pooch became a water dog. Hoping to get up to the Radium Hot Springs/Lake Louise area in September, but the dates aren't firmed up yet.

        If Hillary gets elected, I may ex-patriate to Canada... who would have thought 10 or 15 years ago that Canada would end up more fiscally sound than the U.S. by now...

        ... Obama's crummy GDP growth, monster deficits, and out-of-control spending and taxes are making the U.S. into a very risky country to eventually retire in.


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