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  • bretbeck bretbeck Nov 14, 2013 7:19 PM Flag

    Nothing has changed on this msg board

    Man, I've been away for some time and only to find out that it's still full of garbage posted by Tony/Obama/100+aliases

    This poor guy needs medical & psychological help badly. His posts are worst than ever ... makes no sense, offensive and pure garbage. Nobody talks to him so he has to talk to himself using his multiple aliases. What a pathetic loser!

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    • Bret, I am more p-o'd at Yahoo than at goofy sick Tony/ObamaHussein/etc. Him, I just pity and dislike and ultimately ignore. He doesn't really exist, in my world.

      But Yahoo has no excuse. They should make it easier to put an IP address on permanent 'ignore', and then this destruction of the board would be easy to overcome. But effing Yahoo appear to truly be just a bunch of Yahoos, who don't really seem to care very much.

      But that clown, the sick poster, he is so sick in the head as to be beyond pathetic; this is obvious. Everyone just puts him on 'ignore' so he's lost all chance of being heard, much less respected, here. Nobody listens at all to him, so when he shows up, he is only adding to his own humiliation. Eventually he'll realize that the best thing for him to do is to just go away, then he won't suffer the embarrassment of what he has become on this board.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • We should make good use of this msg board for LVS related news sharing, discussion and brainstorming.

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