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  • tonybolokee tonybolokee Jan 26, 2007 4:44 PM Flag

    Optionable is a fraud and a sham

    It looks like the longs had so much conviction today that they sold it all at the end.

    You can sit on this board and pump, but investors are a little wiser now. This isnt 1999 anymore where you can pump some fraud company on a message board and see the stock go up.

    Bottomline. This company has little revenue, 10 employees and a mediocre version of an office.

    I hope some of you guys learned your lesson today in trading over the counter junk stocks.

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    • Tony boy:
      If you really think OPBL is a scam, why don't you run like hell away from this stock and this board. Do you really care that much about the longs to stick around here and give them warnings? Are you a guardian angel, or a habitual basher, or just got some time to kill.

      • 1 Reply to ndolwin
      • Actually, it�s only one bashers (who�s really a closeted small-time wannabe long) with multiple aliases who happened to have missed the boat on this one and is now here hoping and praying his content bashing will have some negative impact on this stock�hopefully driving it low enough were even a lowlife like himself could afford to buy at least one share.

        Basically, the idiot is not only stupid, but DELUSIONAL as well.

    • peter_norths_proctologist peter_norths_proctologist Jan 26, 2007 5:06 PM Flag

      "Bottomline. This company has little revenue.."

      They just did $6.8 million revenue in Q4, which is a 51% sequential increase from previous quarter (Q3). If revenues continue to increase sequentially at just 20%, then FY '07 will have full year revenue of $44 million. That's a p/s ratio of 6.5 at today's stock price.