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  • pine52x pine52x Aug 7, 2007 8:17 PM Flag


    I have a large number of UTEK shares purchased between $12 and $14. I agree with you that Zygo has "better fundamentals and a more diversified business model". So what I did today was sell some UTEK (into strength) and buy some Zygo. Both have considerable cash, but Zygo seems to have more products. UTEK is counting heavily on Laser Spike Annealing (LSA) and their is no promise that the semi industry will adopt it. Zafiropoulo (CEO) insists the slow move to 65nm and 45nm is the only reason for the delay of LSA. I don't know what to believe. While I agree the move to 65nm and 45nm has been slower than expected, I just feel that it gives the competitors (Flash, and RTP) time to solve their problems at the small nodes. I have done considerable research on Zygo lately and I feel that at these prices ($11.5 to $12) it offers much potential. I think a lot of bad news has been factored in. (of course, I thought that too about UTEK prior to their earnings announcement and it promptly fell $2 to $10 upon news of the announcement.) You never know what to expect. In UTEK's case, they promised and promised and just didn't deliver. I think the wild card for Zyco is the medical business. I think that business cannot help but grow. Also, I like the big increase in R&D spending. They have been able to do that and still increase earnings. The semi market is competitive, but from what I read, Zygo has a great reputation. Not only that but I understand they have considerable Intelectual Property (patents). Overall, I am a big buyer here at today's prices ($11.55), but I do understand that this is a technology company in a very competitive market and anything can happen. I figure my risk is just as great (or greater) in UTEK, so why not spread it over two companies. I think my original position in UTEK was just too great anyway. I think sometimes the prices drop so much that a lot of risk is discounted. That is what I am hoping for here in Zyco.
    As for market makers and shorts causing the price of the stock to fall, I never really understood that. I think some of the fall is others just taking a loss and moving into another beaten down company. I have done that on occasions. Perhaps Zygo will have some negative news to announce. The semi industry does seem to be experiencing a small downturn.

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    • Pine,

      I wish you the very best of luck with ZIGO and UTEK.
      I've traded UTEK many a time- no stranger to Arthur Z and his braggadocio. He once referred to LSA on a CC by saying the company had a "Tiger by the Tail". Shortly thereafter, that tiger whipped around and bit them on the ass for several quarters. Maybe things are turning around for them finally. Their stock is definitely on fire today.