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  • venice5002 Oct 13, 2011 1:25 PM Flag

    Is this stock kidding me right now?

    Smart investors buy it BECAUSE it's a BUY.A well run Corp.w/excellent products.

    I'll bet you $$$ to dunkin donuts it hits 30+++ in 2012

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    • You're right. Zygo is a great American company. It has wonderful products and very talented people working for it. I've long been an admirer of Zygo, I'm just saying that it's stock performance could use some help. $100/shr stock to $14 or whatever in recent trading - come on.

      The previous CEO, Bruce Robinson, did little to improve Zygo's lot in life (spending a ridiculous sum on Tera-Optics just to shutter it a year later was only one of many mis-steps). The new CEO has a long history in this industry and proven successful track record. I wish all the best for Chris and the other fine people at Zygo and I sincerely hope that their stock benefits from their hard work.

      OK, I totally recant my last post. Buy Zygo's stock!