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  • averagelookinks averagelookinks Jan 8, 2007 9:03 PM Flag

    Clinton reversed deficit to surplus


    ;CLINTON:..Stock indexes went up steadily
    -Created 24M new jobs
    -Reversed huge deficit to multi-B$ budget surplus
    -Paid portion of Nat'l debt
    -Handed Bush Jr multi-B$ surplus
    -$22/barrel; $1.2/gal
    -Increased minimum wages
    -Increased/created funds of Veterans, Research, Education; Housing, Medicare, Medicaid, Child Care Credit, Earn Income Credit,Head Start, Education Credit; etc
    -Lots of Loving, Compassion, Kindness

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    • You are correct. I guess we should just let those bastards who killed our people on 9-11 just continue without recourse. You are a sorry piece of shit who needs to be kicked out of this country. Clinton gave osama a free pass but Bush has pulverized their asses. It has not been cheap and it has not been easy. My little brother gave his life making sure sadam and his sons would never take another little girl into their rape rooms. Kiss my ass you sorry ass bastard.

    • You left off putting 100,000 more Cops on the street with Community Policing program. (Note: crime rates are also climbing back as fast as the deficits)

      -Phil in D.C.

    • Give that man a cigar!

      • 1 Reply to brokebutt_mounthim
      • That's right, make a joke about Clinton. He was the biggest joke. They barely showed his face during the Gerald Ford funeral; but, how could they when the speaches were about integrity, healing wounds, winning the cold war etc. The thing Clinton thought about was his little friend. History will reveal what a self absorbed ego maniac he was and is to this day. He didn't do anything to protect this country. Bush is keeping the fight over there. Clinton helped other countries gain strength in nuclear opportunities, which the terroists will eventually get a hold of, but he looked so good doing it. And afterall, his looks and his legacy are what is truly important.

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