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  • mr.schnider mr.schnider Aug 29, 2009 10:30 PM Flag

    1-4 Family Delinquencies Still Climbing

    your numbers are not adding up to what Fargo filed on their 10q.

    Not sure where the mistake was, perhaps you are including off balance sheet loans.

    You websight states 5b being charged off which is a different number than Fargo states. Can you explain the difference?

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    • wfc + world savings + wachovia gives you that sunbelt foot print:

      In a little more than three years, the Phoenix area has gone from the hottest of Sun Belt hot spots to one of the nation’s economic disaster areas. It is not alone in its rapid fall.

      After riding high during the boom, the Las Vegas area, parts of southern Florida, and Southern California’s inland counties have also been brought low by plunging payrolls, billions lost in housing wealth, a continuing epidemic of foreclosures, record government budget deficits and stagnating populations.

      These areas share one thing besides their warm climates. To a degree unmatched in the rest of the country, their recent prosperity was built not on manufacturing, technology or natural resources, but on construction and real estate — growth for its own sake.

      As other areas tasted the excesses of the housing boom, they gorged on it. From 2002 to 2006, about 20 percent of private industry growth in the United States was tied to real estate and construction. In the Phoenix area, almost 36 percent of growth in the private economy during that period — more than $34 billion worth — came from real estate and construction.

      driven in large part by capital flows from Wall Street and abroad, which financed a wave of speculative residential and commercial development. Overbuilding, in turn, accelerated the region’s already rapid population growth

    • No mistake. There are often differences between Reg data and filings. It doesn't mean one is right and the other wrong, it means that they are reporting different things based upon selection criteria. IR should be able to answer that question.

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