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  • investorzzo investorzzo Dec 28, 2009 6:52 PM Flag

    The Fed is not an arm of some Rothschild conspiracy

    alstanap, I feel your pain. I too have lost a lot of money. But most of it was my fault for not being better educated in finance. This is why, the last couple of years I have read about it everyday.
    I can tell you that a lot more people need to go to jail!
    It wasn't just maddoff. There are a lot of folks that took people money and continue to do so illegally. The "crime of the century" is about naked shorting and how they still do it. Just look at the gold market and JP Morgan. I guess if your to big to fail, your also to be to go to jail?
    All I can tell you is the more I learn the more I'm sickened by the whole mess. This isn't free market capitalism; this is an Oligarchy of corruption at it's worst. I find it quite amusing that those who want to end unions and give them wall mart wages, then give out credit so they can buy things, putting them into endless debt - then turn around and foreclose, force them into poverty. Then those who make the rules and break them become richer than anyone ever needs to be. If power is knowledge, then "PEOPLE NEED TO WAKE UP!"
    The Ponzi scheme continues.............

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