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  • stoogenumberfour stoogenumberfour Mar 26, 2013 9:21 AM Flag

    Amisock - Am I Sick

    I just realized that you misspelled the last part of your id. Hardly a wonder you have not made any money trading since 1998. Tell us what the price of WFC per share must be for you to make $2 million on an $18 put for 100,000 shares (the size of your position). That would seem to be $20 profit per share. But to make a $20 profit on putting at $18 implies the share price must be negative two dollars. Now I could have a mental block, and have been wrong so many times I no longer get embarrassed by a flub, but it looks to me like you just flushed your $36K down the drain and kept your mindless losing streak alive.

    And by the way, how long ago did the CFO leave? How many years do you think it takes for the impact of his departure to have some material visible affect?


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    • Do you realize what would happen if ONE customer asset account was liquidated by these hackers? don't worry though. It will NEVER happen.

    • And don't worry yourself about the Jan 2015 $18 puts being up 50% in a week. They are just all my sick friends I guess. :)

    • Very cute on the I am sick. I rounded up. it will be 1.8 if they go to zero. highly unlikely. But if they valued the GWest port correctly instead with hope, they would be in the same boat as BOA. $12 stock with no earnings. If Dallas fed passes and 250billion becomes the cap back stop you will see a 70% reduction in WFC size/profit. so now its a $3 stock. With no other bad news. So that will be 1.5 mill. thats my retirement fund. sorry to be the one guy who doesn't like this scenario. I know no one should question this bank. They are perfect.

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