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  • rickdeneen rickdeneen Mar 11, 2011 10:06 AM Flag

    Bar, did you see the 6 mo. financials just out by Entek?

    No real surprises in it that I found but they lost 9 million plus for the period. This cake isn't even in the oven yet. Its a looooong term play.

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    • cln.. my posts were mainly directed at the other poster(s) who instantly went in to bashing TX and tried to compare the two states.. TX is in a MUCH better position than Cali, and we have many of the same problems. Seeing as how you can compare the constants, (immigration probs, GSP's, nat disasters, etc) and find the only difference being that we don't have a large, significant percentage of citizens who focus their lives on political fads and getting high, I believe that identifies the problem. If you are not part of Cali's problem, my posts were not directed to you. I would suggest rather than trying to correct me, you could direct that finger pointing to your fellow Californians.

    • Ok, ntc....i'm going to step in one last time. i admire and respect your pride for the great state of you need to STOP lumping every Californian as a pot smoking, low life liberal! i am a native california and i am proud to call myself a californian. yes, we have a boat load of problems and we need to work through them. but our entire country has a boat load of problems to work through, or haven't you not read the newspaper lately? to point the finger at every californian and say you did this, you did that, you're bleeding the federal govt dry. i have had a job since i was 14 years old, paid taxes, NEVER taken any form of public assistance, nor has anyone in my family. i live in a beautiful home over looking the pacific ocean and can even watch the ponies run in the summer, paid for! the point is, NOT everyone in california is contributing to the problems our state has incurred and creating the financial burden on our federal government you adamantly reference. maybe it's time you look beyond your redneck viewpoint and come to the conclusion that california is not the root of all evil. there are some pretty da** decent people that live in this state paying uncle sam (and quite a few texans that retire here, kinda doubt it's the reverse). as a matter of fact good ole boy t.boone pickens has a home in this area, thankfully he doesn't share your opinion of all of us californians (and yes i know he originally hails from oklahoma). so get off your california bashing a** and try some yoga (lol at that one), 'cause getting rid of us is not going to solve your problem. you're starting to sound like that waco whacko.

    • Well, I clicked on the view message button under your name and of your grand total of 4 message posts on stock message boards, not one post even mentions any stock or anything financial. In fact, your posts don't have any substance whatsoever and throw accusations and claims backed up by opinion. Unsubstantiated conjecture..

      Let me ask you a question, and this is a serious question I hope you will answer seriously.. do you wake up every day and consciously decide to believe that the causes you Californians support outweigh the financial burden your state causes? Do you consciously decide to ignore your huge financial burden on the rest of the United States? Do you consciously wake up and determine, completely on your own, that whatever cause you feel like supporting that day should be adopted by the rest of the country? Do you, as an individual, really believe all that crap.. are you doing it on your own? Or.. are you just following the local news and/or activists? Locally, are you guys even aware of the financial burden you have created?

      I believe if Texas was in the financial position you guys were in, we would vote someone in office who would fix our situation.. we would demand responsibility from our local government. We wouldn't impose tougher restrictions on business and individuals to support the feelings of a few..

    • Good point. In fact one could say you never post anything of value so why aren't all of them deleted? I put you on ignore but here you are again so explain that one. One explanation might be that your posts are so useless and full of crap that even Yahoo can't read all of them.

    • That's not true, I often post posts of no value to the message board, and very few get deleted after the fact.. that post stayed up a couple days.. weird!

    • Hey genius, take your own advice! Lol.. all in fun, just message board posts.. but since you brought it up, I bet if Yahoo moved to TX they wouldn't be eternally stuck at $17 range anymore.. they'd probably sensor less too, that's the way we roll in Texas, we prefer limited government rather than expecting the gov to hold our hands from cradle to grave.

    • Hey genius. Guess which state Yahoo is headquartered in? ROTFLMAO.

    • You're posting on the wrong board. You must go to the unemployed loser red neck board for idiots. On that board you and your fellow morons can post endlessly about which states you like or don't like until the swastika tattoos on your foreheads begin to fade.

    • They often delete posts of absolutely no value to the message board.

    • I wonder how or why my message about California's taking a lil financial responsibility got sensored off? All I suggested was in all you guys' political activism, it would be nice to see some acceptance of responsibility for the financial burden you are on the US..

      My post, and the one that agreed with me got deleted, wtf?

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