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    • Bump.............

    • I'm buying more in the AM

    • Let's hope the market bounces this week. RENN will be 12

    • I have no position in this stock, just thought I would share the information. I burned very hard on chinese stocks like PUDA, RENN etc.

      Just be cautious!!!My personal feeling is some thing fishy with the management of RENREN, not usre why SEC is not paying attention to the companies like these. All we are lookign is truth.

      From CNBD article - Has Renren Suffered Enough From China Stocks Phobia?

      Some important points from the articles.

      1 - In the two months since its IPO, Renren's stock has lost more than half of its value. The company and its owners sold shares at $14 apiece in early May but since then the stock has sunk to close at just $6.23 on Friday"

      2 - In Renren's case there is a long list of issues in regulatory filings that could catch investors' attention -- questions about its internal financial controls and the tight control and censorship of the Chinese government.

      if you are a long hope you make the right decision.

      All the best..

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      • Nah ... those are not important points at all.

        The important point in the article is "No pre IPO buyers, you know the big hedge funds appeared to lose any money on this IPO. They sold their shares on the very first day and then went short. Only the little guys are left holding the bag."

        Little guys can not short this stock. Only some options protection are available. But a lot of retail investors are not that sophisticated to trade options. They are not "traders". They are "investors", a concept sold by wall st. and politicians, that apparently is a hoax. Just look at the "investment" in your 401K - have they moved at all?

        Wall st. want you to put blame on company's management. But the company has not changed in any shape of form since the IPO. No new information from the IPO prospectus. The only thing changed is the mood. And that was driven by the market and the bombardment of negative "analysis".

        Now the question is, for retail investors, do you want to be in this game knowing the big guys are corrupted and can screw you any time? And how to beat it??

    • All retail investors need to read this article. Apparently the only ones losing money are small investors like you and me. Big guys laughing all the way to the bank.

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      • Little guys just get too impatient some times.

        I'm a little guy and think buying at these prices is reasonable. Same was with BIDU when they IPO'd the stock crashed for a while down to a split adjusted $5/share was actually $50 at the time, but that was well off the highs right after they did their IPO.

        Just be patient and this will make some good money in the long run I think. Even those that bought at the top of the BIDU IPO got in at split adjusted $15 not too bad.

    • "Indeed, there is not much in the way of angry phone calls coming in to the banks that worked on the IPO, sources familiar with the situation said.

      That may be partly because many probably sold the stock at a hefty profit when it soared on the first day -- leaving the mainly retail investors who are thought to have picked it up to lose their shirts.

      Who got Renren shares in the IPO is not public information. A partial list of major investors will become public on July 1."

      So the vast majority of IPOs rise on the first day - if selling is allowed on the first day, wouldn't that be a sure thing for big guys to profit at the expense of retail investors who bought on the open market?? I had thought institutions can't sell on the first day. It's wall st. what can u expect?

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