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  • mfel44 mfel44 Mar 28, 2012 12:11 PM Flag

    why would MSFT pick REN REN to premiere windows 8

    unreal that MSFT would jump over FB to chose REN REN

    ren ren is in china , has 200 mm users

    fb is world wide and has 800 mm users

    dont think for a second that fb didnt give MSFT the nod, to showcase ren ren

    zuck and co. gave the go ahead, imo

    bc they know they want to make ren ren a well known player , so when they announce the deal

    MSFT will already be all over it

    but anyone thinking MSFT didnt get the nod from FB to go ahead and PREMIERE REN REN

    instead of FB is a fool

    fb and ren ren are in a deal...IMO

    and the windows 8 deal is tilt of the hand

    MSFT has no benefit premiering ren ren over fb

    yet they did


    bc zuck gave the nod

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    • ROTFLMAO!!!!!!

    • By request

      Good morning javo

    • yeppppppppppppppppppppppp

    • Read the above posts very carefully. That's the hand you've been dealt, so play it to win! The bases are loaded and you are up to bat 2 out bottom of the 9th, world series, and you are down by 3. THIS IS THE MOMENT YOU HAVE ALWAYS DREAMED ABOUT!


    • Read these posts because this is the hand you are playing here. Make your bets now!

    • Renren is the Holy Grail for these three tech giants and it's not gonna be cheap!

      You thought TUDO shareholders got a big premium, you wait until you see what happens to RENN longs.

      RENN + 100 bagger or $500 PPS within 10 years!

    • a dahhh

      if MSFT is with REN REN

      and FB is with APPL in the states

      both FB and APPL know how lucrative their alignmnet is

      REN REN is not on apple directly

      only APP

      maybe zucks contribution to the deal is bringing in appl

      so when zuck and chen align, MSFT window 8 renn, looks genius

      and FB walks renn into an APPL main frame display icon pre installed

      bc right now

      fb isnt with appl in china

      and ren ren is not either

      zuck maybe the missing piece to the deal

      intrinsic value

    • with all due respect

      sina has 45 mmusers and ren ren as triple that

      lets see how that plays out

      the claim was sina double renn users base

      real name swept 2 weeks back has sina at 19mm acct signed up

      so ... lets consider ren ren new role
      which zero write of but ren ren longs

      bc its so obvious

      ren ren is the leading SNS in china

      MSFT chose wisely, msft is about to own china

      in beta software

      vs. apple

      both have ren ren on speed dial app on their units

      and both want to go fight it out for the huge chinese market

      u think chen was kidding when he said ren ren was the natural winner....?

      im all in

    • Mfel's point is so obvious when you think about it. see quote from linked article below.

      "However, despite the “Facebook of China” moniker, Renren has failed to set its domestic market alight in the same way as rivals Sina Weibo and Tencent, which have more than double the number of Renren’s estimated 136m users.

      And this is very early days for Microsoft - it only unleashed its Consumer Preview of Windows 8 on the world at last week's Mobile World Congress. Redmond will have to do a lot better than Renren if it wants the revamped touch-friendly Windows platform to grab punters' attention.

      If it fails to get more big-name applications on board to demonstrate the strength of the Metro UI it will never convince the majority of Windows users who quite like their old-fashioned desktop experience, thank you very much."

    • and then zuck gates and appl

      get adoible barreled IPO pop

      bc if ren ren was aligned this way,

      then with the minority stake holdings and new partnership with FB

      FB main IPO issue is resolved

      and its future brighter bc of it perfectly playd alignment with ren ren

      in on the deal is msft and appl

      and ren ren flies with FB on the ipo

      and all the new partners make crazy bank from the chinese ventures

      thats my finally answer regis

      everyone wants china , everyones wants mad loot from well place M&A deals

      and non fit the landscape better the THEE fb partnering with the FB of CHINA RENN

      MSFT showcase ren ren

      and apple is the ace field goal kicker who wins games and makes champions

      fb IPO flies

      ren ren too

      and all the new minority stake players

      bc that is best scenario for every one to make super loot of ren ren and fb ipo

      im all in too

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