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  • classactionlawsuitsonnakedshrts classactionlawsuitsonnakedshrts May 14, 2012 2:02 AM Flag

    Redzone gotta be a crackhead

    Yeah I knew the type in Florida, he has got six different doctors, sells his whole script everytime, to buy crack and the crackdealer delivers right to his house too. He has several different hos in his contacts on the cell phone and has picked 30 different loser stocks he lost on them all.

    Renn must be the newest POS he picked, and his hardcore pumping is meant to get so many other longs stuck as bagholders as the market starts a deep and much needed correction.

    Classaction If Sina falls what the heck you think will happen to this POS dreamer hopefuls filled stock.

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    • Ahhhhh...another short who can't give a argument based on logic and resorts to insults and lies.....ignore...

      Ps you really should cover at 8 shortie!

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      • classactionlawsuitsonnakedshrts classactionlawsuitsonnakedshrts May 14, 2012 2:17 AM Flag

        World markets starting a total breakdown

        Fear sets in soon, no stock will be spared.

        Renn sucks and only loses more and more $

        This time will be more because if they are smart while the market is so horrible, they would do good to throw everything negative they have in this CC, but then again if they did that, stock would go to a dollar or two.

        I have even seen Chinese CEO listed on American exchanges trash the stock or do nothing so it falls real low, just so all the CEO's friends can load up cheaply before the pumping starts to see it run.

        Wow does this CEO have bad luck, he picked the worst week ahead of the entire 2012 to issue his excuses.

        I think a chance does exist that a long could make a little $ here, but he better be right by the computer, because it will likely be a 1 , 2 or 3 day pump event followed by serious dumping.

        I got to go now crackhead, going to go watch stashhouse.

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