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  • nanotechmillionaire nanotechmillionaire May 21, 2012 10:33 PM Flag

    Etrade ad says renn traded 7 million

    Yahoo says we traded 17 million

    Yahoo must inclide the fake, virtual phantom naked short shares.

    Good to know, I want my money back and I don't want to play with RENN no more, I'll go buy a boring oil large cap, the crooks are too afraid to naked short those stocks because the oil execs will send a couple hitman they keep on the payroll.

    I can see it now, in the board room, just the top 3 guys, go take care of who is naked shorting our stock and leave a note that if it happens again we will come after the next guy and the next guy until Goldman says in a meeting, "No that is one of the few we don't do it to"

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