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  • nanotechmillionaire nanotechmillionaire Jun 12, 2012 2:15 AM Flag


    Listen dummy

    The NYSE halts stocks 5 times as often as nasdaq and even takes longer, and let's the major shorts cover all or most the position they were short before they open it up, say a gap up of 5 dollars per share, that would have gapped up 20 a share on nasdaq.

    Really, an idiot for not wanting to buy a stock on the nyse that is manipulated 5 fold worse then the manipulation on the nasdaq.

    Why has not one China stock had a serious runup on the NYSE ever? freakin ever!

    But it has happened on the nasdaq multiple times!

    Does not take a rocket scientist too realize "something in the gravy ain't chicken"

    Renn is a pos headed to 2 dollars per share, but you buy all the way down to 4.20 tomorrow wiseguy.

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