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  • dramatic_move_up dramatic_move_up Sep 28, 2012 1:24 AM Flag

    SHYT RENN will be 15-20 in the next 20 days the specialist has be holding back front loading

    If he has any balls at all he will make all those OCT calls come into play and thus some excitement to go with the 2 years of boredom and manipulation here pre BIDU run that RENN will have started anyday.

    Regardless if the specialist wants to be a little girl and suck on Goldmans bottle.

    The TRIAD mafia is not amused by games and they have several experts that alerted the boss to how tight the float is on a stock with 400 millionshares. They know that once you get this big freight train going up, it will be very very hard to slow down once momentum day traders come in following the mega billionaire on RENNs board of directors, all of CHENS friends he told they can buy now and the TRIAD MAFIA buying huge blocks daily.

    THIS WILL CAUSE HEDGE FUNDS AND MUTUAL FUNDS TO NOT WANT TO GET LEFT OUT! AND A CHINA STIMULUS COMING BETWEEN NOW AND THE end of the YEAR! Whoever in charge over at CITI taking their time covering a huge position in RENN is either stupid crazy or have been assured by the specialist and Goldman that the NYSE will halt renn if they have to so that citi gets an opportunity to cover because that might be the only way they can cover that many shares before liftoff!

    Same guys are the underwriters from BIDU pre Kaboom, also same market makers preboom over at BIDU, RENN is the next BIDU, OCTOBER is fireworks buying in RENN and both CHEN and the richest billionaire in all of China on RENN's board of directors have both said they will not be happy till RENN has a 100 billion market cap. That equals RENN at and over 100 a share!

    The move up in RENN during OCTOBER will be DRAMATIC, yet that will only be the beginning to a very serious and long overdue move up! 400 million shares outstanding at 4 dollars is at a sweet spot, the truth is this will be very fun stock for the serious big boys to trade, they will orchestrate short squeeze after squeeze after squeeze, but after the 4th one the shorts will start to get the point!

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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