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  • manakawari manakawari Dec 7, 2012 6:11 PM Flag

    whats helms deal?

    this guy has been pumping this pos for over a year daily, if this isnt his full time job i dont know what it is. i mean seriously, who the hell has all day to post for over a year on a messageboard for a stock that is going to zero? hes a paid pumper or someone so far in the chit house, he pumps from his obama phone next to the dumpster he sleeps in.

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    • Hey it's Mana, the stock guru. Nobody knows more than Mana. Hey Mana, how much have you lost with TSL. You remember the stock that was going to fatten your wallet lol. I remember well that you bought it at $7.20. Now it is a few pennies above $3. You still holding waiting for that magic carpet ride?

1.90Aug 24 4:02 PMEDT