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  • bradbay191 bradbay191 Feb 8, 2013 4:02 PM Flag

    hey guy with all the id's I reported you to the s.e.c far all your hedge fund #$%$ onthe solar boards


    Investor assistance and Complaints 202-551-6551

    This topic is deleted.
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    • Stupid u just mad that this pos u own is worthless

    • LOL, how many ID's do you have to pump this turd? I have one and I AM SHORT. You idiots spend all day here pumping a SCAM STOCK. How stupid can you get? The SEC is investigating these Chinese ADR's now. I'm hoping that they delist the lot of them. If the SEC was doing their job at all would hedge funds be allowed to use naked shorting? Would the SEC have even allowed these dozens and dozens of SCAM chinese ADR's to have listed?

      The SEC is as worthless as your complaints. Rather than getting mad, get smart. Start using your noodle and make a few bucks off these scams rather than watch your money go down the toilet.

      Once again, we had a nice market rally but what happened to this scam? Nuff said.

    • were they watching porn when you called?

      • 1 Reply to harleyridingman2
      • LOL, good one. Almost all complaints to the SEC get a boilerplate response that's automatically generated. They all go into the "roundfile" in the sky. All those complaints about Bernie Madoff were ignored by the SEC as well and those were made by high ranking people.

        The SEC is as close to a do-nothing, worthless government agency as one can imagine. I guess that you could look at it as being government welfare because they do nothing, but collect big check for it. Inflation proof retirement, health benefits, COLA and the ability to sit around watching porn all day while producing nothing.

        Wow, I should apply for a job.

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