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  • helmutloeffler helmutloeffler Feb 4, 2014 7:07 AM Flag

    Mr. Joe Chen's cousin...

    Is married to FB, ceo Zuckerman. you know the talk and spread ideas around. Just saying. RENN, is not asleep at the wheel. Joe, is working hard to fine tune all.. RENN, is ready to go BIG!!! That's my hunch... JOE, needs to save face. JOE, has VENDETTA. JOE, wants REVENGE. JOE, wants to be 5X billionaire, or 44.00 per share... LOL!!! Best of all Joe, will get his revenge on the shorts. He has been waiting 21/2 years.. About like us longs. GO GET IT JOE!!! I'm for cooking the shorts like the VW fiasco. Shorts got burned on an 1000% up... LOL!!!

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    • really, just where do you find this info...chen don't care about anything but himself...he's buying back stock slowly getting more ownership for softbank and himself to take it private for pennies on the dollar..they own over 85% now due to this...and how no desire to increase the price until they own it all....the actions speak for themselves...they took 800 milion back to chinatown at 14 per share...they did 5 investor conf in hong kong with out a press release in the US where they are listed....they spent 59 milion on soci earning, assets, revenue..nothing..where did the money go..not even on the books..check the 6K's...ridiculous and fraudulent...they sell the balance to bidu of naomi...and don't release the amount of the sale...give me a friggin break...such disregard for shareholders and wall st.....Big money left a long time ago because of this and alot more....yea , just maybe he'll sell out at sometime...but probably not...he'll take it private to legally keep all of the money invested into the co...then relist in Hong Kong...maybe then he'll act with fraduciary responsibility like he should have been doing all of this time....Even Margret left the IR at LITB....Sam Long has never, ever responded to email requests.....they blow them off!! Therefore Wall ST...wrote them off....I do hope if your long, maybe that reward of an uptick comes...good luck to you suffering longers....Uh..

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      • Newbi, you know #$%$! HMMM! Softbank, with 100 billion ALIBABA in its portfolio is not in cahoots with anybody.. Market cap of RENn, is not even a twitch... but any suspect in anything manipulation anywhere can cost them billions in trust on the IPO... so get of this bandwagon right away... LOL!!! SOFTBANK, approves of JOE's result in making RENn, worth 4.2 billion now, not next week... HMM! LOL!!! STUPID is YOU!!

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      • Who has info on going private transactions for Chinese companies? How did they work out for stockholders? Were they screwed? I think there is definitely value here. Not sure why joe Chen is so indifferent to investors - not sure if he'd just rather not spend the time or if there is something nefarious going on

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