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  • stock_option_investor stock_option_investor Feb 10, 2007 11:06 AM Flag

    ouch - current run is over

    The current run is over, all the technicals have crossed and point to a leg downward. Nothing wrong with the company or fundamentals, but I'm exiting to wait for the drop, then will buy back in at the lower level.

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    • You might not to want to mess around too much. $150 by July why worry about $.50. My take.

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      • I would love to see $150 this summer, but think that maybe a touch high. Time will tell. I do think you are right about messing around being in and out. The ups and downs are pretty wild and I don't think I could time them right enough times to make it worth the time. I have decided to wait till at least this summer before even thinking about selling. If it hits $50 again I might even buy more. If I am wrong my account takes a big hit, if I am right my account hits it big. Good luck longs.


    • I sure like to see those technicals that crosses and pointing downward. Is it the 2,5,7 days MA? If yes, check better measure like the 50 MA. This stock has been public for only a year. Speculation is a dangerous game. Last friday, the stock went up +$3, yesterday it was down +$2.30.You need a good stomach.

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      • stock_option_investor stock_option_investor Feb 10, 2007 11:42 PM Flag

        Sorry, you are correct, and I didn't specify. What I meant to post was that all the WizeTrade lights have turned RED. The 60-minute chart (60-minute intervals), 90-minute, 120, 180, 260, Short-Term (Days), Mid-term (Weeks), and Long Term (months).

        There are 20 partitions in WizeTrade, so if you are looking at the "Short-Term (Days)" chart, you are looking at a 20-day adjusted average (adjusted based on the price, volume, and type of buying/selling pressure). The one that I find most useful is the Mid-Term (20-weeks) chart. That gets me away from the day-to-day static and pinpoints major changes in direction. That one just fell on 2/5/2007.

        The shorter term charts can give you an indication of a building trend, but until it hits the "weeks" chart, it may just drop out or get swallowed up by something else.

        If nothing else, here is a good benchmark to check WizeTrade on, and you can see if the stock heads south from here.

        I'd never sell a stock like CROX short, that could be deadly. But I'm happy to sell the shares that I have long, and wait for a chance to buy them back at a discount. Hopefully - I won't get that chance, because I'd like to see the stock keep going up, but if it dips, I'll buy when the charts go green again.

      • This is the Huss writing under an assumed nom de cyber space
        at my accountant's office. Please check the 50-day and the
        100-day moving averages and get back with us about "your analysis" (not a urine test!). Also check Bolling Bands or
        whatever technicals are superior. I do appreciate it. Best
        of luck to all longs, The Huss, AKA "never to proud to bail out too soon after a nice run-up." PS: That trade by phone would cost me $50 at Vanguard Brokerage, but cost most of you $7 to sell half your position, if you think that is the wise move.

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