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  • yessuhrd yessuhrd Mar 6, 2007 6:54 PM Flag

    Nobody read this but Torre!

    Hi, everybody else!/ There's a lot to be said for a board with few pos(t)ers. CXW has my posting from Dec. 4 in its 20th spot. CXW is up 10 points, 25% from when I bought it in late-August after being confronted by a Future Criminal of America on Capitol Hill. (And no, he was not a Congressman. And yes, when I tried to organize a FCA Chapter at my inner-city school, the proposal was rejected.) The SMART MONEY screen of the WSJ listed CXW as one of its selected stocks based on low analyst coverage--only four--this week. Most heavily analyst-covered stocks have a Buy-to-sell ratio of 15-1, so if only four anals are covering, there is room to grow. The WSJ squib said CXW was a property management trust, which further obscured this company's core business as a private prison operator in nineteen states and my beloved/behated District of Columbia. If you think crime will be on the increase in our life time, Torre (and remember, this message is ONLY for Torre) do your Dull Dilgence on this stock and put it on your watch list./ Los Vascos Reserve' 2004, y'all!/ The Huss/ P.S. There have been some corruption allegations about CXW alledged by a liberal labor law lawyer that I play golf with, but this has been in the I-can't-find-out-about-it distant recent past.

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    • I don't disagree with you, but I don't think they are underminers of Crox. Besides, Crox is bigger than they and I and you. It is growing in leaps and bounds. That is why the shorts are so excited, because they can't believe it, and frankly nor did I for a time. But I'm in Boulder and have watched from the beginning. I have watched the naysayers over and over again. I can't tell you how many people had a chance to invest $25K that is now worth $2.5M. Same people who thought it was a rubber shoe. I have heard that conversation since 2003 and CROCS keeps growing. The company keeps rounding each turn with a new twist and a better outcome month after month. Destiny, hard to say, but even Warren Buffet when asked about his success replied, "I was just given a better ticket".

      One thing I do know, is that gratitude goes a much longer way than hatred and pettiness. Some on the posters on these boards are just full of venom and that is their reward. Some call it karma, but not many understand how close that is. All we give, we give to ourselves first, before it goes out to others, for we had to embrace it, or create it, before we could send it. The joke is on us all of the time, and our lives are a reflection of our values. It requires that we choose wisely.
      Good luck in all that you do.

    • although I am disappointed that you disagree with me; I have been reading your posts for more than 6 months, and every one was impeccably truthful and informational.

    • The posters that I trust are foremost, sandollar, marpa, onecent, djrv, nicot, and although they switch often from long to short, at least they they tell you right away, council and marktrail....there are many others who are truthful or lying...but for right now this is my observation...

    • Sounds like a personal problem.

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