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  • onafunjourney onafunjourney Aug 16, 2007 12:33 PM Flag

    My Crocs Story for Today

    I was walking my kids into school and out came two moms with there kids who were too young for school. We all kind of crowded in the school office.

    One little girl who could barely walk (age one?) saw her friend in a stroller being pushed by the other mom. As the people-congestion brought us all to a stand-still the One-year-old gave her stroller friend a big hug and smile poured out of everyone. I drew my daughters' attention to it because it was just heartwarming!

    Pretty quickly I realized the One-year-old, the stroller girl and a sibling all had Crocs on. I said something like, "And you all have your Crocs on too - it warms my heart:)". This set both mom's on a "We love Crocs convention" and I told them I was a shareholder and that the stock is down 25% - great time to buy!

    If you are feeling any negativity at all as a long, or whenever in life - the key is to acknowledge and transform it. Imagine if you weren't long - how exciting it would be to see CROX at $45/share - what an opportunity!

    Anyone you share the word with NOW about CROX will probably be thanking you later in '07 and '08.

    I'm going to go hang in coffee shops and work/read today, I will keep an eye out for opportunities to turn people on to something I think could be very positive for them. Its a drop in the ocean sure - Their 100 share purchase won't send the stock skyrocketing, but I will have helped them and it better than sitting around bemoaning lost opportunity.

    What can I do now that's productive and positive? Hmmmm maybe I'll go buy another pair! I've never left the mall kiosk without a stronger conviction than when I arrived - will let you know....

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    • Only down 68% since you told this cornball story.

      The only way I would buy a pair of Crox is if they made high heel ones and I could get 20 year old girls to walk around in them and skimpy bikinis while bringing me drinks and lounging around my pool. No one wants to hear about a bunch of booger eaters and over the hill fat moms standing around some stupid school full of other booger eaters.

      You probably talked a bunch of other #$%$ housewives into losing an a$$load of money. Probably banned you from play dates and their Oprah book club, and rightfully so. Weirdo Crox cult stalker hag.

    • Very interesting

    • Thanks to this Crocs story , another long decided to hang on for another day of torture . Ouch - this is a long , long day watching this slide .

      Maybe you can join hands with others who love losing their children's future education money by buying Crocs .

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