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  • onafunjourney onafunjourney Oct 18, 2007 12:19 PM Flag

    Buying the Dips

    Given that every single dip in CROX has been a buying opportunity since the companies inception and given that we are on the verge of stellar Q3 financial results being announced as well as a blockbuster Q4 performance by Crocs Inc., I have to believe that people buying today's dip will look back and be very glad they did.

    I added a couple hundred shares today and am glad I did already...

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    • whats going to make this stock 130-140??

      someday we will all look back at these times and say....can u remember that rubber shoe company was trading at 130??

      cmonn folks...this isnt google..its a fricking ugly shoe!!

      good luck

    • I knew that's what you meant--I was just commenting on how far CROX has come in a short time. It's hard to believe that the 30's and 40's were ever out of the money.

      The amazing thing is that when CROX does cost 130 or 140, it will still be a good buy.

    • i did that once , waited for tax reasons.

      company? conseco ins. went bk

      i will never sell a stock and worry about a profit!!

    • ya know, u longs have been right.....what goes up better come down!!

      good luck everyone!!

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      • Foxtel, im 15 and im interested in the options side of this stock. I was thinking about selling my 7 AAPL shares in my ROTH IRA this tuesday or wednesday. I think aapl with push to 185 or higher this earnings. That would put me at $1295 in my roth. then i was thinking maybe i could get some November 70 calls. theyre at 4.50 right now and i figure theyll be at about 5 come tuesday. 1 question though, i know options are typically traded with 100 shares of stock. but on my scottrade option chain next to calls it says 125 in brackets. does that mean 125 shares? Either way that means i could have 200 shares at 75 come next month. the way i see it we see 85 easy. that means $10 a share times 200 gives me $2,000 tax free, right? any info and opinion on what to do would be appreciated.

    • Right. But what I was saying is that I have January $30's and $40's call options that I bought back when they were out of the money. I'll be buying CROX for $30 & $40/share via those options in January to increase my stock position.

      By waiting till January I defer a taxable event until '08. I also defer the need to come up with the cash until then.

    • I added a few hundred shares on today's dip too. I've had the cash on the sidelines waiting for a larger dip, but I don't want to risk missing the ride up after earnings by not getting in now.

    • i have cash waiting to buy crox on the dip, i can't decide whether to buy above 68 or wait and see what oe will do. I currently have my buy order set at 66 and change. I have a history of missing the run up. I catch about half of the runs. I can't be too upset since I have made piles of money on only half the runs. what chance of a dip below 67 do you give crox?

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      • If I thought that prospect of buying near $66-$67 were very likely I probably wouldn't have bought today at $68-ish. That being said, I don't play the daily gyration game. I beleive I know exactly where this company is headed long-term and the risk of not owning enough shares is too high for me to worry about trying to save $1 or $2 here or there.

        You have to ask yourself... Do I think CROX might double in a reasonable time frame? If it does, you may be outsmarting yourself trying to time gyrations that have proven to be really impossible to time. Sure you'll find folks here that claim they've been successful. They are like the winners of wars who survive to write the history.

        They exclude people like Dude_fromBatonrouge or Askmelater2000 who got whipsawed and left out of big runs. No-one knows when CROX next $5 up day will be. After it comes you will have even less confidence to buy in and if you do, you'll be paying more than you'd pay now.

        That's just my personal philosophy/strategy. Everybody has what they believe works for them. With CROX if I have cash and see red and my confidence is high, then I buy. I have never sold any of my stock at all and most of my call option sales have been driven by expiration dates (with one exception as I recall). So far, staying in being patient long and strong has been the best results I could have gotten. I HIGHLY doubt any traders have outperformed either APD's or my strategy.

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