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  • sharonthelibrarion sharonthelibrarion Jan 11, 2008 3:18 PM Flag

    Share Buyback


    Did they finish the $1MM buyback?

    This topic is deleted.
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    • From what we know - they bought approx. 500k shares around $47.

    • I could use my 645 Yahoo Basher Aliases to report him for abuse and intimidation (even if he's deleted the relevant posts already,) but whoever replaces him will be twice as desperate and useless, I reckon?

      The CROCK Insiders all knew that people were going to get seriously hurt just like this guy three years ago when they were lying to the Patent Office.

    • I'd say that was game, set and match.

    • For what it's worth son, I would have told you this company was a scam two years ago.

      When there was still a whole lot of money to be made on the pump side of it? I hope that makes you feel better?

      But with Insiders this greasy it really isn't coming back ever, and I'm sorry but that's all the time I have for you.

      So you can go back to deleting the "topcat75207" pump collateral or dispatching your trucks with the 42 Acres all rolled up in the back of them or whatever.

      You suck at this.

    • s.eranger Jan 11, 2008 7:52 PM Flag

      You can't even spell?

      Are you angry?

      Anger leads to death...always.

      It is a sign of weakness.

    • Shouldn't you denying that "" and "chumpcat75201" aren't the very same brain-dead bagholder?

      Who picks fights with the shorts who took his money and goes back and deletes his posts soemtimes?

    • Because I've got yours thanks to your own ineptitude and I can put it on Child Molester Databases and sell it off to every last Oil & Gas stock weasel on earth so nobody will be able to rent your moving trucks because these guys will be cold-calling you so hard Scottie?

      You do have two of them trucks don't you?

      Let me give you a hint.

      You suck at this.

      That's Message Boards and telling legitimate investment opportunities from built-from-the-ground-up scams?

      PS. Either shortcoming is not my problem. I've run into thousands of boobs like you.

    • s.eranger Jan 11, 2008 7:36 PM Flag

      No...sure don't.

      Why don't you reveal your identity?

      I know why...exactly.

    • s.eranger Jan 11, 2008 7:35 PM Flag

      A Published poet....that is correct. With a CD on a copy and listen to it. You might quit mouthing off if you did. It would perhaps give you insight into the type of man you are dealing with. "Boiler Room Weasel"... That's great. Never even knew these existed. The saddest part of all this you are not in my league. I don't care what you know or think you know.

      Would you like to see a video of me fighting someone. I have those as well.

      You didn't call my number because the phone is right here. You don't worry me....I can't even believe I'm wasting my time with this crap. You are a genuius. Let's bee friends OK? Can we? I'm sure I could learn a few things from a man as accomplished as yourself..."Scumtracker," you are all class.

      When you and your "basher" buddies are done masturbating each other to completion , come a knockin'.

      I dare you.

      You won't do it.

      You are what you are.

      Can't change that.

      Simply can't.

      No turning back.

      Not now.

    • How do you have time to go back and delete your posts when you have this hole in the wall moving company to keep running?

      So is your Fax Number still 972-359-0588 Mister Texas Tycoon?

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