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  • adler.mark adler.mark Apr 4, 2008 3:30 PM Flag

    I got played


    Bought at 18. avearaged down at 16- sold/scared out at 16.75 thursay and now its up huge. 15.5 wednesday and 18.5 friday. such manipulation. such bullshit. talk about a rigged game. SEC will do nothing. no questions asked. how many retail investors got scared out at 15 range? how many sell stop limits were taken out? this same game happened to TEX last month. they ran it down from 70 to 49 with relentless selling and ran it back to 68 all on no news. what a racket....

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    • Adler - you didn't get played. You shot yourself in the foot. What you need in these markets are two things. Courage of your convictions and a strong stomach. You lacked both.

      I can see blowing lunch if a downgrade occurs when a p/e is 20 or even 15 - but 6???

      This was an expensive lesson but I hope you'll remember it in the future. Those of us with strong stomachs (and weak minds, perhaps) used the big drop on Wednesday to add to positions. Remember the adage - when they're crying you should be buying and selling when they are yelling.

      I apologize for the harsh words, but I'm sure you're not alone. As a market veteran I hope you may learn from this rather than expect to have a pity party.

    • What bothers me is this: information storage and transmission amke it possible for one entity to know ALL the positions held, who holds them, what brokerage they trade through and their trading history.

      So now they can just run it down until ALL the retail folks get run out...

      BASICALLY WHAT HAPPENED W/ CROX BELOW 25, IMO. I see no reason why they can't repeat the process on those who bought today...

    • do your homework-- it's a 22 stock this month

    • I would never sell based on what an analyst says, or buy for that matter. Research fundamentals, eventually they'll play out. Even momentum you can't trust sometimes.

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      • i didnt sell based on any analysts BS. I learned to ignore analysts years ago. all I know was this thing is getting hammered and the PE and sales looked good and it made no sense. If a stock gets reamed with solid sales growth in place, it is being manipulated and I know I will never win, so i sold out even and felt lucky. I dont play in a rigged game. my odds are not good enough.

    • Got in at $22 scaled in down to $15.50 and would have continued buying down. Took some profits today and squared my position. Ready for the trip up on fundamentals which were the reason I bought the stock in the first place.

      I agree that the manipulation is rampant but I also believe that good companies with good fundamentals always recover to the upside.


    • It is called legalized gambling, haven't you figured the stock market out yet, it is a joke. a bunchof analyst who give their opinions, even if companines are very profitable but miss estimated by a penny the stock drops, what a joke

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