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  • littlemean littlemean Jul 29, 2008 4:53 PM Flag

    Shorts want u to believe it's dead so they can

    cover...but it is more likely this stock will be part of another compnay in short order. Management will be changed and problems solved. Shorts should move on and find another play. Congrats you were right on target. But lets be realistic trying to squeeze the last drops out of this is a mistake. The risk of acquisition has to be much greater now than ever before. And don;t kid yourself that the product is a FAD. The Clog possibly but the 140+ other products...I that not. Not to mention the countless applications for crox0lite in the medical,military and sports markets.

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    • I have to say, talk like yours scares me. First, why the F would anyone buy now? Even if this thing moves around, it's going to hover at about 5 (if not worse) for a while -- there zero catalyst for change, unless you believe they will beat or miss their numbers in August.

      Just because the clog may or may not be a fad and they have 140 other products says very little: how, exactly, did they get so creamed this quarter, the spring/summer boom time? They blamed a cold Spring last time, but huh? As for the many other products, I should think they should pare those back a bit a find a few that actually sell well. What's so great about 140 underperforming products for which you can't meet demand for the popular ones?

      Finally, though I occasionally buy on instinct, it's a pretty clear indicator of a lack of real due diligence to call their maybe-proprietary material "croxolite." Another guy just bought into "Crock" to the tune of 3500 shares. Come on, guys - take more than a day to decide to invest or even trade.

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      • I am not a typist. But I am a clear observer of the fundamentals of this company. Their is no doubt management at best did a horrible job forcasting, but more than likely just blantantly decieved shareholders ( this will be evident when they discuss the use of their announced share-repurchase program ). Which I believe they did not act on at all. Because they knew they were underperforming. Crox managment had plenty of opportunities to reveal the slow down, just recently at europe conference. This company has tremendous value...not only brand value, but their propreitary material ( which no competitor has duplicated effectively ) has superior qualities and a vast number of untapped applications. You say DD and say shoe are a fad. I travel all over the country. I see crox everywhere. I think they have gotten ahead of themselves with new products and over produced tradition styles which has caused this inventory glut. All management error, not a fadding producted or company. A competitor like DECK or Nike could steal this brand at current levels. Shareholders are fed up with lame excusses ( weather...LOL)

        You go ahead and may see 3 who knows. But at some point it will be purchased or execution will push stock higher at which point shareholder may not be so quick to agree to a takeover with reasonable premium. 12 I still think would do it here.

    • interesting perspective.

    • I hate to burst your bubble, but no one is going to buy this company. Why buy it when you can come out with your own similar styles, just ask SKX. This is a poorly run company with no real IP, they simply have a brand name, that is their only real asset and with the entire industry thinking this is a fad that isn't worth squat either. Even if they did get an offer management is so stupid they probably wouldn't take it they probably still think they are a $70 stock, what an fing joke this company is.

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