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  • loihisteve loihisteve Nov 25, 2009 12:10 PM Flag

    How many Shorts will go BK upon DSCO's next PR ???

    I suspect quite a few won't be able to cover their positions!

    And, if its a first Alliance deal announcement, the PPS could "overshoot" 100% or more simply because of frantic short covering!

    Longs need to be prepared to take advantage of those dumb enough to be shorting DSCO right now!

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    • I bought 250k shares... maybe some of then are going naked, hehehe

    • g_k40 Nov 25, 2009 2:32 PM Flag

      Shorters time is running out i agree.
      Ofcourse they will be smart enough too go too stsi and short it even more:P.

    • Specifically, what I'm saying here is if a "good news" PR might have normally taken us up to lets say, ~$1.60/share, frantic short covering might get us an "overshoot" as high as ~$2.40/share!, and probably with an end-of-day Close somewhere between the two.

      And, the numbers I'm presenting here are based upon a "fair to good" Alliance deal ... something in the "good to great" range would easily put us north of $3/share on the overshoot!

      How many Shorts would be wiped-out north of $3/share ??? ... many will do whatever they can to prevent that from happening ... there will in-deed a frantic short covering rally, upon DSCO's next "good news" PR ... Be Prepared!

    • dream on, this POS is going down.

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      • Between 9/30 and 10/19, the PPS traded between $1.69/share and $1.02/share ... everybody who follows this company knows that it was the DEF-14A SEC filing on 10/19 that triggered the slide-down south of $1/share, and to where we are currently trading ... the flip-side is, once Proxy Proposal #3 goes down to defeat, which it most-certainly will, how high will the stock spike on that news alone ??? ... my best-guess is back up to ~$1.20/share!

        At that point, an outright Buyout at $2.40/share becomes viable ... and could be as high as $3.60/share ... specifically, anywhere in the 100% premium to 200% premium range is viable.

        This is NOT a stock that intelligent people are shorting ... only those who are clueless, or BIG-TIME gamblers!

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