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  • jmirroritis jmirroritis Sep 20, 2011 2:02 PM Flag

    Dutch prove your superior knowledge of this company:

    Predict/calvulate the chance the resubmission is not complete and rejected ..... or do you think they pulled it off and the resubmission is complete and FDA issued a PDUFA?

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    • Realistically, I think the FDA will/has accepted their NDA and we will have 5 1/2 months to ponder whether they have an approved drug or not.

      For Amick to have scheduled this right before the ASM and during the proxy voting period would be incredibly stupid if he did not have 100% confidence the FDA would send good news.

      Now, for Amick to have 100% confidence in anything doesn't impress me one bit. He has been monumentally wrong before and will be again. But this involves his paycheck... so I figure he has taken a wee bit more care here. But it is fun to stir up trouble on the DSCO board... and they ARE late in hearing from the FDA, so...........

      Wouldn't it be a real hoot if Amick has screwed up again and the FDA sends it back as incomplete??!!??

      Note: This would be the Second time in DSCO's history that would have happened... August 2005 was the first time.... and DSCO has a long history or repeating the same mistakes again.....

      We'll all just have to wait until this evening and see if there is a not so nice PR. If not, possibly a good news PR in the morning... then back to a bad news PR tomorrow night... the cycle of life goes on......