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  • burned_101 burned_101 Mar 6, 2012 8:01 PM Flag


    The whole market for the drug is worth $75M and there are 4-5 existing drugs....

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    • There are two other primary drugs for the infant applications -- both inferior.

      Your pals $16m per annum is really funny, but even your math is terrific -- about what the hospital will charge for the Tylenol IVs these neonates will need while they are in the intensive care center for a month or three.

      You guys are too funny and absolutely clueless about what is happening here. There are about $1m reasons they call these babies "Million Dollar Babies", and it has nothing to do with Alice Cooper's third album. That reality is why worldwide distribution will likely be limited to developed and tertiary care centers for the foreseeable future, meaning that sales should be able to quickly get to but be constrained at about $1B or so until other indications come about.

      See you guys at $20 before long... and several multiples of that when they sell out to a big pharma.

    • If the market is only 75M then why are there 5 drugs? Why go after such a small market? Because the one single indication you are looking at may only be worth 75M but the other indications are worth billions.

      Big Pharma X 5 would not chase a 75M market.

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      • I already answered this guy's terrific thinking, and his $75m is better than the other goofer's $16m ($177 per case? LOL), but do you really think they can treat these neonates for $833 apiece? LOL

        Treating neonates for 2 or three months in neonatal intensive care costs about a million before all is said and done, and IV Tylenol to control babies fevers likely costs as much as these jokers are talking about for the critical life preserving medication.

        And remember that this drug is clinically superior to the alternates, and cleaner and easier to stabilize from a manufacturing and distribution standpoint.

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